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14 Aug 2016


Aquarius is the energy of electrifying revelations and of the collective!
At 26 degrees, with the Sun opposite in Leo.

It is; groups, freedom, causes, friendships, memberships, change, humanitarianism, innovation, and detachment.

An Aquarius Full Moon calls us to connection, spiritual insight, and emotional objectivity.

Opposite the Sun, it's about finding a balance between Me and Us. An alignment between our personal desires and the needs of the group. It's having clarity about which affiliations are serving our true Self, as well as how we can better serve the collective.

In gentle relationship to the Sun, we have Venus and North Node together. Mercury and Jupiter are also together, and Venus and Mercury are linked by a wide conjunction, all in Virgo. And the moon is in partial eclipse!

Philosophical and honest intellect meets karmic harmony.

I believe that most of us are experiencing a big awakening - emotional, psychological, and spiritual. We have had, or will have, flashes of insight where old patterns or situations are seen much clearer. And that clarity gives us the energetic boost to make changes. These changes will be sudden, or at least unexpected, to many around us.

We'll find a new direction of how to interact with the world. We'll have bigger and all-encompassing ideas that will benefit us, and others. There's a wider perspective available. We have something to teach others and learn in return. We'll be speaking our truth. We'll see potentials and directions to reach for, and we'll feel super optimistic about it all!

Jupiter has been travelling through a House in your chart for some time. You've been developing a wider perspective and belief system in a certain area of your life, and now is a special time to communicate from that place of truth and understanding.

Venus is our values, as well as what we value and the pleasure we gain from that. It's; beauty, love, harmonious relating, artistic appreciation, peace, and aesthetic comforts and pleasures.

With the North Node there, we attract others to us by offering what is beautiful within ourselves, and what is authentically linked to our values. We will likely attract those that can help or support us towards our goals. In fact, the more authentic and enthusiastic we are, the more we will attract those that wish to support us.

Virgo energy values discernment. Judging what is worthwhile with clarity. We are separating the wheat from the chaff in our lives. Our big insights and changes include doing away with all that has encumbered us, all that has been weighing us down.

Whatever the crazy changes, we want to work through it all peacefully. We're done fighting.

As always, if we don't instigate the changes, if we are not the driver of our own life, then erratic changes can occur anyway and we can feel shaken up.

{credit: goddess rising sisterhood}

The Nodes are karmic-like points, and so whatever the Full Moon highlights for you this month, is a turning point on your journey. As it's a partial eclipse and a soft relationship of all those planets to the Sun, it will be a junction in your life journey. Not yet the ultimate goal you're headed towards, but a significant crossroads and choice of path to get you there.

We are now called to find our tribe, find the group, find the types of people that are our true audience. Virgo energy will see groups and friendships come, and redundant ones go. Find the audience that supports your authentic contribution and values your unique expression.

Seek quality over quantity. 100 enthusiastic and engaged followers is preferable to 1000 superficial ones. A quiet, fledgling group that aligns with your values is preferable to an exciting and high-profile one that does not.

We've been waiting for this junction in our lives. Hopefully you did the work of the last Full Moon - taking up your Self Authority - and the work of the recent seed-planting New Moon - finding your joy and your true self-expression.

Aquarius Full Moon now calls you to lift your intentions, lift your energy body, to a high vibration of truth and connection.

Put simply - shine your gifts unto the world to make a difference to others!

The effects are felt a week leading up to the Full Moon.
Below is the area of your life where you will feel the effects.
For a fuller meaning, check for your Sun Sign and your Ascendant (Rising sign).

Changes with your friends, groups and your hopes balanced with self-expression, creativity, children and romance. Discerning your daily routines, workplace, health, or colleagues. Karmic situations regarding your service to others.

Changes with your career, reputation, and your place in the world balanced with home and family. Discerning love affairs, relationships with children, or creative pursuits. Karmic situations around your unique expression and talents.

Changes with your ideals, exploration, education balanced with general communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings. Discerning issues around home, relatives, family, childhood. Karmic situations regarding your sense of belonging.

Changes with your connection to other peoples’ money and shared resources balanced with personal possessions and personal values. Discerning general communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings. Karmic situations regarding communication and information.

Changes with your relationships and one-on-one partnerships balanced with self image and self care. Discerning personal possessions and personal values. Karmic situations regarding what you truly value.

Changes with your work, service, health, daily routine balanced with retreat and self-recuperation. Discerning issues around your self-image. Karmic situations regarding your sense of Self and confidence.

Changes with your self-expression, creativity, children, and romance balanced with friends, groups, and our hopes. Discerning your spiritual outlook and past wounds. Karmic healing. You will gain support from unexpected places.

Changes with your home and family balanced with career, reputation and your place in the world. Discerning friendships, group affiliations. Karmic situations regarding your place in the group.

Changes with your general communications, immediate environment, neighbours, and siblings balanced with ideals, exploration, education, travel. Discerning issues around career, reputation, and authority figures. Karmic situations regarding your self-authority and place in the world.

Changes with your personal possessions and personal values balanced with other peoples’ money and shared resources. Discerning your ideals, personal philosophy, issues around education, travel, or legalities. Karmic situations regarding your perspective on life or a distant person/place.

Changes with your self image and self care balanced with relationships and one-on-one partnerships. Discerning issues around shared resources and money, and enemies. Karmic situations regarding shared commitments, and power.

Changes with your need for retreat and self-recuperation and past wounds, balanced with work, service, health, daily routine. Discerning issues around one-on-one relationships. Karmic situations regarding relating and compromise.