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14 Jun 2016

Summer Solstice and King-Self

When the Sun appears to be at it's highest point in the sky (one of the Earth's hemispheres is at it's maximum tilt towards the Sun), it creates the longest daytime of the year.
June 20th this year.

Astrologically, the Sun is; our Will, our ego, the Self, our life force, our inner King, our creative spark, our expression, our capacity for love. It is the present, as opposed to the Moon as the past. It is our core purpose of Being. It is conscious awareness.

The Summer Solstice exposes the energy of "I am".

Many cultures have, and still do, celebrate the rising of the sun/son, his 'death', and his ascension to heaven/enlightenment. Also, as the height of the growing-harvesting cycle.

However, nature's cycles are also our spiritual cycles. 'As above so below'. If we merely celebrate or honour the external, we are missing a whole side of the magical puzzle.

During the darkest time of the year - Winter and the Winter Solstice - we go within. We are reflective, introspective, inside the subconscious. During the lighter months, we re-emerge.

The cycle of the Sun symbolises our evolution into consciousness, into awakening.
The turning wheel reminds us that it is a continual journey. We don't 'reach enlightenMENT' as earthly beings, we swim in the perpetual enlightenING. Life is a happening.

The maturation of the son at Summer, is the maturation of the Divine Child within us all.
Now we can own the Divine King. (everyone, including women, has a masculine aspect).

What does it mean to be fully in our Divine Kingly Self?

Take up responsibility with honour.
Move through the world with purpose.
Stand strong and true in your authority.
Be generous with Love.
Be willing to admit your shadows (flaws and weaknesses).
Greet the world with courage and openness.
Embody integrity.
Take action that is authentic to your core Self.
Align your work with your heart.
Materialise and manifest, rather than simply dream and hope.
Be the change.

The Divine King is willingly exposed. He lives in the public eye. He does not (and cannot) hide, escape, or indulge. He is both authority figure and in the service of his kingdom.

Whether or not our true Self is aligned with how we are in the world, our actions and ways of being tell others who we are and what we have to offer. Our actions (and inaction) affect the people and the environments we encounter.

The more willing we are to strip away everything that is not of our true Self and the more willing to expose all that is true (i.e. the more conscious we are), the better equipped we are to live out the life we are here for - our highest purpose.

"My life is my message."
Mahatma Gandhi

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