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17 Jun 2016

Sagittarius Full Moon

The Full Moon in Sagittarius comes to us 12 hours before the Summer Solstice.
It's also the 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius and, at 29°, sits at the degree of completion.

This is mighty centaur energy we have available to us my friends!

I wrote previously how the energy was building and we were to find our aim and prepare to shoot our arrows, but to hold off from shooting.

Now is the time to let your arrow fly.

Mars turns direct a week later but we're feeling the changing energies already. Mars, the planet ruling direct action, is turning forward with a mighty thrust. I hope we're all prepared with clarity and focus on the direction in which we wish to propel our lives.

Sagittarius is all about the ideal way forward, evolving, growing, expanding into our truest Self and life purpose.

With so many planets recently retrograde, we were pulled under into slowing down and re-examining our intentions, needs, and goals. We had to relive some old issues or at least rethink them.

Now we need to have confidence as well as faith. Sagittarius is the eternal optimist and we are asked to believe (as long as we've done the soul work) that the future holds the rewards for our efforts.

Sagittarius demands TRUTH - this is not the time to hide behind old; wounds, life patterns, self-deception, or complacency.
Mars will travel through Scorpio for a little while longer and therefore, old lies, old enemies, and old wounds, are patching up.

Also, if there's any anger that has lain under the surface it'll suddenly burst forward.

Sagittarius' ruler, Jupiter, is in Virgo in tight relationship with the North Node. What we choose to aim for now is life-changing, karmic, fateful.
Aim well!
Out of our hands, whatever expands suddenly (love, money, career opportunity, etc...) will change everything.

In Virgo, it affects the mundane (but collectively life-defining!) details of our lives, as well as the service we can provide to others.

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A Full Moon pulls us two ways and our growth comes from finding a balance. The Sagittarius Moon is opposite a Gemini Sun.

The Moon in Sag wants to; soar, taste freedom, to feel that anything is possible, and has an emotional need to follow a meaningful and principled path.
The Sun in Gemini is concerned with fast facts, networking, information for it's own sake, having fun, and connecting with others.

From a previous article:
"If we only ever seek the ideal of everything, we miss out on the many delicious experiences that only exist in the nuances of life.
Likewise, if we remain on the surface, merely touching the superficial layer of everything and everyone, we cannot grow into the full experience of being human.

Find balance between;
Ideals and the present experience
Profound connection and simple human interaction
Living morally and living joyfully."

29° is the degree of endings, completion, closure, as well as exposure. Being the second Full Moon in Sagittarius means that the same areas of life affected at the last Sagittarius FM are still affected, except this time everything is ready for true completion or culmination, and ready for life expansion.

peace & horizons dear souls,

The area of your life where you will feel the effects.
For a fuller meaning, check your Sun Sign as well as your Ascendant (Rising sign).

You're completing a cycle regarding your ideals, exploration, education, life direction, versus general communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings.
Karmic expansion with your workplace, colleagues, or health.

You're completing a cycle regarding other peoples’ money and shared resources, versus personal resources and personal values.
Karmic expansion with creativity, love, children, leisure, self-expression.

You're completing a cycle regarding relationships and one-on-one partnerships, versus self-image and self-care.
Karmic expansion with your house, relatives, family life.

You're completing a cycle regarding work, service, health, daily routine, versus retreat and self-recuperation.
Karmic expansion with siblings, neighbours, learning, immediate environment, communications.

You're completing a cycle regarding self-expression, creativity, children and romance versus friends, groups and your hopes.
Karmic expansion with personal resources, income, what you value.

You're completing a cycle regarding home and family, versus career, reputation and our place in the world.
Karmic expansion with self-image, confidence.

You're completing a cycle regarding general communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings, versus Ideals, exploration, education.
Karmic expansion with spirituality, recuperation, the past.

You're completing a cycle regarding personal possessions and personal values, versus other peoples’ money and shared resources.
Karmic expansion with friendships, group memberships, collective goals, wishes and hopes.

You're completing a cycle regarding self-image and self-care, versus relationships and one-on-one partnerships.
Karmic expansion with career, status, reputation, long-term goals.

You're completing a cycle regarding retreat and self-recuperation, versus work, service, health, daily routine.
Karmic expansion with legal matters, education, life perspective, beliefs, travel, foreign places/people/issues.

You're completing a cycle regarding friends, groups and our hopes, versus self-expression, creativity, children and romance.
Karmic expansion with shared resource, sexual issues, self-empowerment.

You're completing a cycle regarding career, reputation and our place in the world, versus home and family.
Karmic expansion with close relationships.