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30 Jun 2016

Cancer New Moon

*********** NOURISH ***********

On 4th-5th July we have a New Moon at 12° in the nurturing and sensitive sign of Cancer.

A New Moon is a time for reflecting on the previous Full Moon's revelations. A time to release what is no longer needed, look within for our truth, and set our attentions as the seeds for the cycle ahead. It's our chance to dig under the surface and find what we have access to right now to help us through the next phase.

Cancer is our sense of emotional security. It influences nurturing, gentle intimacy, the home, the family unit, parenting, womanhood, birth, habits and embedded patterns of behaviour, the past, and emotional sensitivity.

Venus will be nearby in Cancer. This lends a soft, romantic, gentle, peaceful, harmonious, loving, and feminine energy to the area of life affected.

Pluto will be sitting opposite the Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Pluto is power, transformation, dying away, resourcefulness, and all that is hidden.

Whatever we are attracted to and instigate now will have an intense energy behind it. Loyalty, protectiveness, deep meaning, regeneration, and trust issues, will pervade what we want to nurture.
Pluto can create power struggles if we or those around us are living through our Shadow-Selves. It can trigger paranoia, jealousy, spitefulness, and distrust.

With maturity and self-security, we have the opportunity to create shared power, or charge power behind a project. Additionally, Pluto in Capricorn lends a powerful practical no-nonsense approach to transforming what is out-dated and stripping away what is superfluous.

So many planets in water suggests we trust what we feel, trust our intuitions, and yet also remain aware that if we are swimming lost in emotions, we need to focus on grounding ourselves instead.

{Towards a New Dawn, by Beatriz Aurora}

The area of your life where you will feel the effects.
For a fuller meaning, check for your Sun Sign and your Ascendant (Rising sign).

Emotional focus on family, home, the past. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is about your place of belonging and the feelings of security you have about where you have laid your hat and your family or who you call 'family'.

An overhaul of your family or home. Possibly signing a lease/contract related to a house, negotiating moving home, changing your living situation, or making changes within the existing home. Sensitive discussions amongst the family. Considering issues from the past and even from your childhood.

Attracted to; spending more time at home or in family activities, beautifying your home or bringing more peace into it, healing hurts with relations.

Protecting the family unit. Seeking and offering loyalty amongst your tribe. Intense words that transform your place in the world or career.

You have experienced power struggles with a boss or parent. Releasing a reliance on wanting status, or on being the sole authority.

The chance to experience inner security.

Emotional focus on communicating, immediate surroundings and people. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is all about how we communicate and how we network information. The ability to give a voice to our thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

An overhaul of your immediate environment. Possibly sharing significant words - writing emails, making phone calls, corresponding with others, signing contracts, speeches, spontaneous chats. Learning a new subject or skill. Sensitive discussions with neighbours, siblings, associates, or through social media. Considering issues around information.

Attracted to; taking short trips, dealing with errands, quick activities, beautiful words and well-executed writing.

Protecting your information. Seeking and offering loyalty to those around you. You might look for a way to make an income through writing or speaking. Intense words that transform your life direction.

You have experienced legal power struggles. Releasing a reliance on a single truth or belief system.

The chance to experience true voice.

Emotional focus on values, possessions, income. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is all about what we value as well as our self-worth. It deals with what you own, how you own it, and what security you find in that. It's about discerning what has real worth and your self-worth.

An overhaul of your finances and possessions. Considering your financial flow, what is working and what isn't. Nurturing your connection to your physical world as well as your own body. Appreciating what you truly hold dear through your tactile experiences. Sensitive discussions about what you own or earn.

Attracted to; de-cluttering your stuff, finding new ways of generating income, establishing comfort in your surroundings.

Protecting your material security. You might look for a way to make an income through selling possessions. Intense words that transform your resources.

You have experienced power struggles with shared property or finances. Releasing material indulgences or the tendency to rely on other people's resources.

The chance to experience true worth.

Emotional focus on radiating your personality. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is all about the confidence you have to be your truest self. It's self-initiative, yang energy.

An overhaul of your personal confidence and having your needs met. Possibly taking on the role of leader, or starting a new project. Being noticed. A keen awareness of how you project your personality. Others will find you appealing or charming. A new cycle of emotional consciousness.

Attracted to; making a change to your appearance or general presentation, feeling comfortable in your own skin, pushing your ideas and projects forward.

Protecting your personal boundaries. Nurturing your own needs above others for a change. Intense words that transform how you see yourself. Express clearly what it is you need.

You have experienced power struggles in intimate partnerships. Releasing attachment to wanting other people's approval or love to feel whole.

The chance to experience independence.

Emotional focus on a need to rest, reassess and regenerate. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is all about the subconscious and healing. The place where we can be truthful about our darkest instincts, addictions, or hurtful behaviours.

An overhaul of your unhelpful patterns. Looking within at how you have been responsible for your own undoing, preparing to come into your new life cycle ready for projecting your renewed self. Spending time within healing/'hidden' institutions - hospitals, retreats, prisons. Soul healing.

Attracted to; solitude, assessing the past, disconnecting from drama and mental noise, finishing off cycles, tying off loose ends, sorting unfinished business, researching, finding what's missing from your life.

Protecting your psychic boundaries. Nurturing your emotional life. Intense words that trigger your Shadow-self.

You have experienced power struggles with co-workers. Releasing a reliance on non-soulful work.

The chance to experience spiritually-based truth.

Emotional focus on friends, social groups, and hopes. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is all about our sense of belonging to the wider 'family'. It's our membership in the collective and how we contribute to humanity.

An overhaul of your sense of community. Possibly joining or becoming more active in a new group. Reflecting on your hopes and wishes, and clearing out what no longer works. Heart-to-heart talks with friends.

Attracted to; joining a cause, signing up for an ongoing donation, social activities, global issues, feeling united.

Protecting your community. Nurturing your friendships. Intense words that change your associations.

You have experienced power struggles with personal projects. Releasing a reliance on self-promotion or personal accolades.

The chance to experience selfless belonging.

Emotional focus on your place in the world. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is all about the main roles we inhabit and our responsibilities around them. It's our inner grounded authority.

An overhaul of the role you are seen to fulfill. Possibly the offer of a new job or new position. Reassessing your career, reputation, and generally how you are seen by what you put out into the world.

Attracted to; developing concrete plans, working towards visible achievements, being your own authority, starting a long-term project, staying grounded.

Protecting what you're truly responsible for. Nurturing your goals. Intense words occurring in the public eye.

You have experienced power struggles with relatives or concerning your house. Releasing old structures, or family ties or obligations.

The chance to experience self-mastery.

Emotional focus on your ideals and expanding your world. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is all about your purpose and your perspective on life. It is the direction we move in according to what we believe is right and true.

An overhaul of your life direction. Reassessing your beliefs. Possibly long distance travel or foreign connections. Education of some sort. Publishing. A new 'teacher', or taking on a teaching role. Dealing with legal systems. Restlessness. Finding religion.

Attracted to; adventure, pushing the limits, finding truths, deep learning, meaningful experiences, infinite possibilities, spiritual teachings, honesty.

Protecting your true purpose. Nurturing your opportunities. Intense words that transform your life philosophy.

You have experienced power struggles with information, networks, and your immediate environment. Releasing superficial communications.

A chance to experience a wider perspective.

Emotional focus on what you share with others. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is about power. It covers trust, sharing, intimacy, and deep bonds.

An overhaul of shared resources. Possibly dealing with joint bank accounts, investments, or inheritance. Pooling your resources for a shared goal. Paying off or collecting debts. Receiving significant support. Power struggles with others. Sexual issues. Uncovering yours and others' motivations.

Attracted to; coming together towards a passionate goal, committing to another, joining forces, self-empowerment, passion, profound intimacy.

Protecting your money, and secrets. Nurturing your commitments and ability to trust. Intense and passionate talks that transform everything.

You have experienced power struggles with your own inner drives. Releasing a reliance on needing to feel completely secure.

The chance to experience a transformation.

Emotional focus on relationships. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is our relationships, but ultimately about how we relate to others.

An overhaul of your partnerships. Possibly starting a new, or re-committing to an existing, relationship. Renewing what you need from close relationships. Someone you can count on.

Attracted to; fairness and diplomacy, peaceful resolutions, romance, supportive relationships.

Protecting your intimate partnerships. Nurturing your connection with loved ones. Intense conversations that transform how you approach relationships.

You have experienced power struggles with a spouse or business partner. Releasing a tendency to put your self before others.

The chance to experience relational balance.

Emotional focus on work and health. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is about service. It's the work we do that serves others - a paid job, stay-at-home-mother - or simply the mundane tasks that get us through our days.

An overhaul of your daily routines. Possibly changing your living space, workspace, job, or daily habits. New health/diet regimes. Caring for pets. Taking care of the finer details. Critical and logical thinking. Meal plans, schedules.

Attracted to; being of practical use, sorting out the details, nutrition, working out a regime for health/fitness/daily routine, de-cluttering our day-to-day lives, sorting/sifting/organising.

Protecting your work. Nurturing your body. Intense conversations with health professionals or colleagues that transform your work.

You have experienced power struggles at work. Releasing the tendency to run-away from the details of ordinary life.

The chance to find practical purpose.

Emotional focus on self-expression. A New Moon starts a fresh cycle in this area of your life.

This area is about creativity and joy. It's all that we bring into this world via the spark of inspiration - a love affair, children, artistic projects, new business ventures, and the pleasure we derive from these things.

An overhaul of your creative pursuits. Possibly starting a romance, or rekindling an existing one. More time with children and their needs. New creative projects. Bringing your artistic projects into the limelight. Ability to relax.

Attracted to; having fun, enjoying life, re-discovering your inner child, being the centre of attention, radiating love, leisure activities, feeling appreciated.

Protecting your time and space to be creative and relax. Nurturing what you love. Intense conversations that transform how you express yourself creatively.

You have experienced power struggles with your creative energy. Releasing the tendency to revert to stoicism, or to allow ambition to stifle true enjoyment.

The chance to experience your uniqueness, and fun.

peace & horizons dear friends,