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19 May 2016

Sagittarius Full Moon May

The coming Full Moon at 1° Sagittarius.... is also in relationship to Mars that's been retrograde, that is opposite Venus, and then Mercury turns direct the next day.
Big stuff.

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is wonderfully expansive; full of life, joy, adventure, possibilities, and the highest of ideals.
A Full Moon is a mirror, a culmination, and the brightest light to expose everything.

Finally, because this Full Moon lands at just inside Sagittarius at 1°, next month's Full Moon is also in Sagittarius.

Something enormous this way comes, and it gets the spark of background/hidden action, and then, communications go forward. Those with planets between 26°- 6° will feel it the strongest.

The Truth is coming out folks. Sagittarius Moon and Mars will drive us to find our personal truths and whatever feels authentic.

We, and others, are full of big opinions, especially about core beliefs, life perspectives, and even political and religious viewpoints.

This expansive energy, and then Mercury turning direct, means that anything that has felt stuck will be propelled forward, so hang on! Especially anything to do with messages, conversations, and contracts, or our way of thinking.

Mars retrograde is heading back towards Scorpio on the 29th, so before he dives into those murky waters again, use this Full Moon to find the purest, most truthful clarity on your situation that you can manage. Don't forget, with Mercury and Mars having been retrograde, the opportunity that we've had to learn, is that our approach and our perspective needed to change.

A Full Moon means the Sun and Moon are opposite each other. So it's a time when we feel pulled between two opposing forces, and our growth comes from balancing the two.
Mars and Venus are also there being opposite, so the tug-o-war is double-powered. This will likely be an old conflict with someone of the opposite sex.

The Moon in Sag wants to soar, taste freedom, to feel that anything is possible, and has an emotional need to follow a meaningful and principled path. The Sun in Gemini is concerned with fast facts, networking, information for it's own sake, having fun, and connecting with others.

The Mr and I are re-watching the BBC Rome series, and there's a main character in it that is a pure son of Jupiter. He is so highly principled that there is little room for flexibility. His idealism becomes self-righteousness, and he loses out in relationships.

Life is messy and all the shades of the rainbow. Theoretical ideals are wonderful but we are also here to experience earthly form, and the pleasure of being alive. If we only ever seek the ideal of everything, we miss out on the many delicious experiences that only exist in the nuances of life.
Likewise, if we remain on the surface, merely touching the superficial layer of everything and everyone, we cannot grow into the full experience of being human.

Find balance between;
Ideals and the present experience
Profound connection and simple human interaction
Living morally and living joyfully.

Venus conjunct the Sun will be in Taurus, so this is our anchor, our grounded energy. Venus Taurus wants sensual pleasure, peace, and feeling grounded in what one truly values.

The Sagittarius-Gemini axis is of the traveller. We will find a journey to embark upon. Whether spiritual or literal, we're ready to move ahead. Yet we also need to not rush, as details are still being worked on, and we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground.

Sagittarius is in best form with a definite direction or vision. Use this Full Moon energy to begin to clear out debris and a direction for which to aim. At the next Sagittarius Full Moon, you should have a defined path to follow.

Take aim, only don't shoot just yet.

To horizons of truth for you dear friends.

The area of your life where you will feel the effects.

For a fuller meaning, check for your Sun Sign and your Ascendant (Rising sign).

Aries: Ideals, exploration, education versus general communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings

Taurus: Other peoples’ money and shared resources versus personal possessions and personal values

Gemini: Relationships and one-on-one partnerships versus self image and self care.

Cancer: Work, service, health, daily routine versus retreat and self-recuperation.

Leo: Self-expression, creativity, children and romance versus friends, groups and our hopes.

Virgo: Home and family versus career, reputation and our place in the world.

Libra: General communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings versus Ideals, exploration, education.

Scorpio: Personal possessions and personal values versus other peoples’ money and shared resources.

Sagittarius: Self image and self care versus relationships and one-on-one partnerships.

Capricorn: Retreat and self-recuperation versus work, service, health, daily routine.

Aquarius: Friends, groups and our hopes versus self-expression, creativity, children and romance.

Pisces: Career, reputation and our place in the world versus home and family.