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23 Apr 2016

Scorpio Full Moon

Today we are under the moon of transformation, purging, revelations, and self-empowerment.

To call this one an intense Full Moon would be an understatement.

Mars moved through Scorpio during January-March, and we dealt with something intense. Issues or events around; secrets, jealousy, passion, trust, obsessions, manipulations, sexuality, shared resources, power struggles, money issues, compulsions, or enemies.

Mars is now retrograde, in Sagittarius, but back in Scorpio in late May, where we have to re-examine or re-experience those issues again.

This Scorpio Full Moon sits between the two Mars Scorpio visits, so it seems to me a chance for clarity before we head back down into the depths. Full Moon's are illuminators. - revealing all that is hidden, striving for clarity, as well as the culmination of an experience or project.

What it does, is provide an opportunity for us to see ourselves, a situation, person, or challenge, as clearly as possible (if we are willing to look into the glare!), as we embark on the Mars retrograde time for re-strategizing.

No moon reveals more than the Scorpio one. Scorpio digs deep and hates to not be in the know. If secrets have been kept from you, they might now be revealed. Likewise if it's been you keeping secrets. If the motivation was noble, hold them closer, if less than noble, watch out.

It's a perfect time to uncover what's really been going on with a situation.

A Full Moon means the Sun sits opposite. With the Sun in Taurus, we are asked to balance intense emotional needs with earthy pragmatism.

Taurus wants peace, and achieves security through tangible resources, whilst Scorpio isn't afraid to look into the shadows and achieves security through emotional power. Taurus wants beauty and to enjoy simple earthly pleasures, whilst Scorpio wants depth and meaning or to escape with addictions or obsessions.

Taurus is happy with steady progress and putting in the necessary hard work, whilst Scorpio enjoys dramatic transformation and being resourceful.

During the Full Moon you will find yourself pulled between the two opposing forces.

You will face the issue of what you want to keep a hold of and what needs to be released. Scorpio has no time for anything less than meaningful, and Taurus has little time for anything without real-time value. The superficial will go, one way or another.

For a fuller meaning, check for your Sun Sign as well as your Ascendant (Rising sign).

Aries: Personal possessions and personal values versus other peoples’ money and shared resources

Taurus: Self image and self care versus relationships and one-on-one partnerships

Gemini: Retreat and self-recuperation versus work, service, health, daily routine

Cancer: Friends, groups and our hopes versus self-expression, creativity, children and romance

Leo: Career, reputation and our place in the world versus home and family

Virgo: Ideals, exploration, education versus general communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings

Libra: Other peoples’ money and shared resources versus personal possessions and personal values

Scorpio: Relationships and one-on-one partnerships versus self image and self care

Sagittarius: Work, service, health, daily routine versus retreat and self-recuperation

Capricorn: Self-expression, creativity, children and romance versus friends, groups and our hopes

Aquarius: Home and family versus career, reputation and our place in the world

Pisces: General communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings versus Ideals, exploration, education.