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4 Mar 2016

Pisces New Moon + Supermoon + Solar Eclipse 2016

[8th-9th March]

Universal Love, no boundaries, emotional intelligence, empathic connections, soulful creativity.... and delusions.
Pisces is a beautiful sign of infinite feeling. It can encompass all of humanity.
Without limits, frameworks, or foundations, however, it also risks lacking clarity.

With a Solar Eclipse everything is magnified many times over. A Supermoon (the moon being the closest to earth during its orbit) magnifies it again!
What happens now is significant for about 6 months ahead.

Chiron, the planet of deep wounds and healing, is sitting right beside the New Moon. We are dealing now with old psychological wounds, childhood wounds. Either these will be poked and prodded uncomfortably, or we are self-healing old patterns.
It all depends on the inner self-work we've been doing so far.

As a New Moon heralds beginnings, we will see new shifts in the area of our lives it occurs. Pisces energy gives us the potential for deep compassion, for ourselves and for others. It helps us offer service and forgiveness. It recognises that we are all One.

If you're stuck in cycling emotional whirlpools however, you don't grow, but instead re-live how you are hurting like a stuck record. Here is where Pisces becomes the Martyr and Victim archetype. Reality is moulded to fit the person's self-pity.

At it's potential, Pisces can offer us a break from stuck behaviours and logical yet non-working ideas. We can daydream, imagine, and open up our intuition, to its fullest, to discover the path we are meant to walk next.

We're finding intolerable any relationship that doesn't give us honest love, that doesn't support the core of who we are and what we've come into this life to give.

This New Moon helps us break free from whoever (other people or our own ways), has been holding us in a pattern of hurt, sacrifice, or unhelpful emotional whirlpooling.

Pisces also teaches us to be flexible. To let go of fixed ways, patterns, behaviours, and thinking. To open up whole-heartedly to the beautiful flow of universal intelligence. We can fall in love with our ideas or our own way of doing things, that we shut ourselves off to a different option that might offer us so much more.

If we can open up our hearts, shed stuck situations, people, or projects, then the coming few months will reveal new answers.

On top of a Supermoon and eclipse, we have the moon's North Node (a point of fate, karma, soul purpose) opposite the New Moon. The new beginning and the new revelation that's coming will be something that better suits our soul purpose. If you're ready.
A new direction in your life is coming, or a deep healing of old unhelpful patterns.

Pisces says - have faith!

** Universe, I'm ready and open to what is possible **

Surrender to the loving and true intuitions my friends, and you ought not to flow wrong.
Always towards the love.


Check what the New Moon will be affecting via your Ascendant as well as your Sun Sign.

Aries Asc - Spiritual connection, boundaries, recharging, soul-searching.
Here is where you find time to recharge, and then to reflect on all that has come before. You question your past choices and behaviours. Here you face your demons and decide if you want to stay hurting, or move into the light.

Taurus Asc - Wishes and hopes, group memberships.
You had a dream, a wish for the future and it's all been as if they sit on sand. But as the sands shift and you remain open, you will find that old hopes simply have a new way of manifesting. They will require you to release wounded group dynamics. Gather to you only nourishing friendships.

Gemini Asc - Career or life goals, reputation, place in the world.
You're no longer okay, unconsciously or subconsciously, to follow a life path that doesn't reflect your true calling. That dissatisfaction you feel means something, it's a call to open up to a whole new career/path.

Cancer Asc - Ideals, legalities, education.
An educational path or your personal philosophies have been feeling outdated or even untrue. Open up to whole new perspectives on life. You are spiritually shifting and evolving in a mighty way right now and in the months ahead.
It might include taking up new learning or travelling far, or a spiritually significant relationship with someone afar.

Leo Asc - Shared resources, deep commitments.
An intense awareness of your deepest needs and intimacy with others. Relationships that muddy your inner wisdom are intolerable. Gather to you people that feed your deepest soul needs. Power struggles lead nowhere good.
You might experience the death or complete transformation of certain relationships, taboos, sexual issues, or how resources are shared.

Virgo Asc - Other people, intimate relationships.
How you relate to others wants to change. If you have regularly played the victim, this no longer works for you as it did. If you are constantly sacrificing your needs for others, you've missed out on giving what is your true offering to the world. It seems wonderful to to anything for your loved ones, but it actually stops you from fulfilling your truest purpose.
You might have to forgive someone, or they you. You might find a new love.

Libra Asc - Daily tasks that need doing, health.
Your health and daily living are highlighted. You're naturally empathic and can take on too much of your environment to the detriment of your health. The small choices you make throughout your daily routines, seemingly mundane, affect you strongly. Now it's time to find a new and more nourishing way to move through your days.
You might experience a new job, a change in health or your health regime.

Scorpio Asc - Romance, children, creative projects.
You're feeling love and joy for life, but also dealing with wounds around creativity, children, or romantic experiences. Whatever is your 'baby' (actual child or project), or your approach to romance, needs a dose of healing.
You might discover a new love connection or creative outlet. You might experience a shift in your relationship with your children, become pregnant, or have a child that will change you significantly.

Sagittarius Asc - Home, family, belonging.
Home is your sanctuary. However, you've been feeling discomfort with your family. These are issues about belonging. Chironic wounds are always about family, so this New Moon might hit very hard indeed. You can stick your head in the sand, but pain and suffering is occurring one way or another. If you are open - to forgiveness, flexibility, compassionate acceptance - you will heal old patterns and beliefs.

Capricorn Asc - Communications, immediate environment and people.
You are naturally drawn to many mental outlets. However, without boundaries you might find difficulties in your communications with others, or are losing yourself to the endless scope of networks. Time to de-clutter. You are now drawn to find meaningful connections with those around you.
If you're closed, you might find yourself misunderstood, and old wounds around not being heard resurfacing. If you're open, you might find a new outlet for your imaginative and creative communication skills.

Aquarius Asc - Values, income, possessions.
What you value in life, as well as your material security, are highlighted. There might be old wounds around feeling secure, of not having enough. Money might seem ethereal. New opportunities will arise to make money, even a new job. What matters is that what you truly value is aligned with how money flows in and out of your life.

Pisces Asc - Self-image, renewed Self.
You're acutely sensitive and how you feel is reflected openly in how you project yourself to others. This may have caused problems in the past and you might have some insecurities about your self-image. Open your heart to self-love. Without honouring, respecting, and loving your Self, you only project a sadness into the world. Have faith that you are perfect in your imperfections, and you will exude love.

Your personal birth time affects which area the planets influence. They might be in the Houses before, depending on your actual birth time.
IF the area of your life affected doesn't sound right, check the sign AFTER yours for the Moon affect.
If you're unsure pop me a message and I'll check for you.

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