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3 Mar 2016

Mars enters Sagittarius

Mars is the planet of action, desire, physical energy, will, and war. Wherever it's transiting (moving) through in our charts, is where we suddenly feel driven to take action, or where the main action occurs.

Since January 3rd, it's been moving through Scorpio - transformation, deep wounds, all that is hidden, sex, purging, secrets, power struggles.

I don't know about you, but for me it meant enormous changes around money, shared resources, and relationship dynamics. Some good, some a relief, and some emotionally draining but necessary. Scorpio does nothing in half measures!

From March 5th, Sagittarius will offer us a whole different energy. We've started feeling hints of it already.

Whereas Scorpio is; inwards, depth, and hidden, Sagittarius is; expansion, outward movement, growth, openness.

If you have been sifting through some deep, and sometimes uncomfortable, emotional events recently, now comes the time to push outwards and see where your heart takes you.

Mars isn't done in Scorpio just yet though. He'll move back in in late May and stay until August. So work hard at dealing with the murky stuff my friends. It will make the retrograde transit easier.
Sagittarius, the centaur and archer, is the seeker and the idealist, so oh-my-goodness are we going to feel like anything is possible! Its a glorious energy. A time to reach for the horizon.

Sagittarius is a risk taker, and Mars is impulsive. And neither likes limits on their freedom. The trick will be to keep our feet on the ground - explore, reach, push, run to the cliff edge. Just know when to slow down the momentum so we don't fall right off.
Mars can also be brash and Sagittarius arrogant. So keep a check on that overblown superiority that can come with finding an answer.

Remember that it's; one answer, your answer, a momentary answer.

One of the themes shared by Mars in Scorpio and Sagittarius that we're working through for most of the year is righteous anger.
If a circumstance or person has acted as an obstacle, has been unfair or untrue, or has wronged us in any way, we're no longer prepared to stay quiet.

Justified anger has it's place. In a society where anger is often deemed as impolite or inappropriate, especially for women, or subordinates, it's vital that we reclaim our right to be angry. Anger, as long as we control it and not it control us, is often the catalyst for necessary change. Especially with anything that has been stuck.

Take note - if you have been that obstacle for others, be prepared for a whole lot of angry indignation coming your way!

Sagittarius is also the great philosopher and spiritual seeker. Our searching and drive to find answers will be fuelled by a need for honesty and meaningfulness. It'll be a time to challenge the beliefs, ideologies, and life philosophies that no longer ring true to us.

With Mars, it's a focus on how we behave out there in the world. We're no longer willing to take a quiet or passive role, or continue on in any way that is untrue to who we are or what we value.

The return back into Scorpio in May also tells us that whatever we find during our Sagittarian explorations these coming weeks, won't necessarily be the ultimate answer.

My suggestion is to accept it as a time of exploration - searching, seeking, mentally pushing the possibilities, tasting and trying things out even, but not taking the leap just yet. Mars and Sagittarius won't make that holding back easy, so stay vigilant.


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