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21 Mar 2016

Libra Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse 2016

[23rd March]

So 2 weeks ago, at the New Moon, we experienced some seriously emotional energy from the solar eclipse. Stuff shifted, we shifted. It wasn't always comfortable, as inner wounds were exposed.

Now the other part of the eclipse is here. Moon in Libra whilst the Sun is in Aries.

A Full Moon illuminates what has been hidden. Libra is about union, relationship, harmony, and justice.

The key phrase is:
Active Relationship

We are forced to view our relationships in their truth. To face what is true peace and not the Libran tendency for appeasement, for peace at all costs. Aries stands strong for the Self, so here we face which relationships bring harmony into our lives and which hurt us.

Libra can hide away behind passivity if it makes for an easier life. Aries won't stand for that.

The Aries-Libra polarity seeks to balance the Masculine and Feminine energies, the passive and active.

'Love Always' is one of my mottoes. It has taken me a lifetime to understand that sometimes love, as a verb, has to be directed to the Self instead of towards an irreparable relationship. Sometimes, stepping away is the best action. Sometimes self-protection is the best love to cultivate at that time with that person.

But Full Moons are a balance, and we must check also that we are not heading the other way. That we are not hurting our relationships due to selfish choices.

The Moon - Sun balance asks us to look at our need for working with others and our independence.
Teamwork and co-operation is not the same as dependency and laziness.
Independence is not the same as arrogance and selfishness.
Love and peace is not the same as being a doormat. Aries can remind us to 'fight' for our own needs.

Our sense of Self comes from relationship with others. Surround yourself with people who nourish and support your highest Self. Accept those that challenge you, this instigates growth. Release relationships that are toxic or 'filler'. Take responsibility for the relationships you allow into your life.

This eclipse is the final (for many years) in the Aries-Libra combo. Think back to events Oct 2013, April 2014, Oct 2014, April 2015, Sep 2015. (Most potent for those with planets and points in Aries and Libra.) The last one at the same degree of Libra was in March 1997.

Many of us have had a couple of years dealing with finding our truest Self, our independence, our place within relationships, recognising supportive rather than dependent partnerships, shedding or transforming unhelpful relationships, and learning to take the lead in our lives.

Hopefully, at the end of this eclipse series, we have discovered and moved into healthier relationships.

"I seek and give love always, yet stand strong in my truest Self."

Check what the Full Moon will be affecting via your Ascendant and Sun Sign.
Where your emotions are pulled, versus where your Will is drawn to.

As this FM is in an early degree, 4° Libra, most of us will have it occur in a different House. So read the sign AFTER your sign. If you are Cancer Ascendant or Sun read for Leo, if you are Pisces read for Aries, and so on.

Aries: Self image and self care versus relationships and one-on-one partnership
Taurus: Retreat and self-recuperation versus work, service, health, daily routine
Gemini: Friends, groups and our hopes versus self-expression, creativity, children and romance
Cancer: Career, reputation and our place in the world versus home and family
Leo: Ideals, exploration, education versus general communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings
Virgo: Other peoples’ money and joint resources versus personal possessions and values
Libra: Relationships and one-on-one partnerships versus self image and self care
Scorpio: Work, service, health, daily routine versus retreat and self-recuperation
Sagittarius: Self-expression, creativity, children and romance versus friends, groups and our hopes
Capricorn: Home and family versus career, reputation and our place in the world
Aquarius: General communications, immediate environment, neighbours and siblings versus Ideals, exploration, education
Pisces: Personal possessions and values versus other peoples’ money and joint resources

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