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19 Feb 2016

Virgo Full Moon 2016

[22nd-23rd Feb]

Deal with the details that come up, but also allow space and time to flow - nature walks, romance, making or appreciating beauty through art, music, film.

A Full Moon requires us to balance two opposing needs. The Moon sits in the House (life area) where you are INTUITIVELY. Whilst the Sun affects the House where your WILL is pulled towards.
An opposition can seem troubling. A sense of 'never the twain shall meet'. But it's also dynamic, in that friction causes change. Life is partly about balance. About finding a way to keep moving forward. When we are pushed to face opposing needs, we are compelled to deal with them and thereby find our way to a fuller life.

A Full Moon is also the brightest light, so anything that has been covered up or not faced comes up bright and in our face!

Virgo is about purity, details, precision, sifting the wheat from the chaff, analysis, skills, and service.

With Neptune (illusion, romance, creativity, confusion) sitting beside the Sun, we might feel deeply and sentimentally about our desires, but we might also be confused about our direction.

This Full Moon sits opposite the previous September eclipse and I think that the past 5 months will be fiercely highlighted. Whatever we were working towards, or trying for, or steeped in, we now have a spotlight on it that doesn't hide anything. We are faced with giving things up, shifting patterns, or altering directions.

It's vital that we don't stay in unhelpful emotions, such as lack of control, regret, blame, nostalgia, or disappointment.

Virgo has an amazing ability to sift through what doesn't work, what is unnecessary, and what is not useful to us. Neptune here can help us connect to our intuition as well, so that we don't become stuck in the details and the pragmatics, but also that we listen to our hearts, as well as accept the need for time and the natural flow and unfolding of events to find our answers.

It's brought to my mind the concept of Gedankenexperiment, or, thought experiments. Some of the greatest minds, such as Einstein, have claimed their inventions and ideas have come from day-dreaming, mind-wandering, that later moves into logical mental experimenting.

If we become stuck in one line of thought, one possibility, or in examining every harsh detail, we don't leave room for fantasy, imagination, and the real possibilities the universe has to offer.
Likewise, if we fall into spirals of fantasy and day-dreaming without clarity, we are simply swimming in circles.

I see this Moon's message as - Stay clear-headed as well as open-hearted.

Peace my friends.

Check what the Full Moon will be affecting via your Ascendant.
Where your emotions are pulled, versus where your Will is drawn to.

Aries Asc - Daily tasks that need doing, health, versus Spiritual connection, boundaries, recharging, soul-searching.
Taurus Asc - Romance, children, creative projects, versus Wishes and hopes, group memberships.
Gemini Asc - Home, family, belonging versus Career or life goals, reputation, place in the world.

Cancer Asc - Communications, immediate environment, events, and people versus Ideals, legalities, long-term education.
Leo Asc - Values, income, possessions versus Shared resources, deep commitments.
Virgo Asc - Self-image, renewed Self versus Other people, intimate relationships.

Libra Asc - Spiritual connection, boundaries, recharging, soul-searching versus Daily tasks that need doing, health, workplace.
Scorpio Asc - Wishes and hopes, group memberships, versus Romance, children, creative projects.
Sagittarius Asc - Career or life goals, reputation, place in the world, versus Home, family, belonging.

Capricorn Asc - Ideals, legalities, long-term education, versus Communications, immediate environment and people.
Aquarius Asc - Shared resources, deep commitments, versus Values, income, possessions.
Pisces Asc - Other people, intimate relationships, versus Self-image, renewed Self.
Your personal birth time affects which area the planets influence. They might be in the Houses before, depending on your actual birth time.
IF the area of your life affected doesn't sound right, check the sign AFTER yours for the Moon affect.

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