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3 Feb 2016

Aquarius New Moon 2016

[8th-9th Feb]

Aquarius energy is electrifying. It changes through invention, sudden ideas, and unconventional behaviour. It's disruptive as well as awakening. It's detached from the personal but tuned into the humanitarian pulse.

New Moon; new starts, new ideas, new life breathed into dusty corners.
Keep in mind though, these are instinctual seeds, we ought to wait to take action when we have the Sun's full illumination. Enjoy ideas and sparks of energy, but don't commit just yet.

We find ourselves having wild, crazy, 'out there', ideas. And many of these won't be viable, realistic, or the 'right' path. However, if we can embrace the power behind allowing ideas to live out their moment, we can benefit from the freedom to wonder and explore in the safety of our minds. Crazy ideas often create the space for the thoughts that will really be of benefit to you, in a similar way that just splashing random paint on a blank canvas can open up a creative vision.

New Moon in Aquarius can indicate either an area of your life that is about to take a sudden and surprising change, or where you are taking innovative approaches yourself.

With a relationship to Mars in Scorpio, there will be some challenges with your desires or other people's determination. It can get hot and intense - in a wonderful way or a troubling way!

Mars is also action and courage, and you might find a whole load of feisty energy to get a job done, or to make changes over which you've been procrastinating. The key is to channel the Martian fire into something worthwhile and productive, rather than letting the energy combust of its own accord!
Both Aquarius and Scorpio are Fixed signs, meaning that the vibe is extremely determined, focused, and self-willed.

Aquarius is the sign of the group, the collective. You might find yourself drawn towards new groups or friendships, or even re-assessing a group or friendships in general. Consider channelling your energies with or towards a group endeavour. Just keep in mind that Mars and Fixed energy - too many chiefs and all that.

A relationship to Saturn lends a realistic and pragmatic energy to our innovative (even crazy!) ideas and idealism.

Peace my friends.

Check what the New Moon will be affecting via your Ascendant.
In brackets is Mars' influence (where the action is taking place).

Aries Asc - Wishes and hopes, group memberships (commitments, shared resources)
Taurus Asc - Career or life goals, reputation, place in the world (relationships)
Gemini Asc - Ideals, legalities, education (job, daily tasks, health)

Cancer Asc - Shared resources, deep commitments (romance, children, creative projects.)
Leo Asc - Other people, intimate relationships (home, family, belonging.)
Virgo Asc - Daily tasks that need doing, health (communications, immediate environment and people)

Libra Asc - Romance, children, creative projects (values, income, possessions.)
Scorpio Asc - Home, family, belonging (self-image, renewed Self.)
Sagittarius Asc - Communications, immediate environment and people
(spiritual connection, boundaries, recharging, soul-searching.)

Capricorn Asc - Values, income, possessions (wishes, hopes, groups, community.)
Aquarius Asc - Self-image, renewed Self (soul-searching - reputation, career.)
Pisces Asc - Spiritual connection, boundaries, recharging, soul-searching
(ideals, life purpose.)

Your personal birth time affects which area the planets influence. They might be in the Houses before, depending on your actual birth time.
IF the area of your life affected doesn't sound right, check the sign AFTER yours for the Moon affect.