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20 Jan 2016

Leo Full Moon 2016

[23rd-24th Jan]

(Square Mars sextiling Pluto-Mercury retrograde squaring Uranus that's trining Saturn!)

Leo is a beautifully generous, loving, and refined fire energy. So there is some wonderful heart-openings happening. However, with the other aspects going on, this isn't all shiny and gentle.
Mars, Pluto, Mercury retrograde.... this tells me that the transformations we've been feeling (remember the recent Pluto-Sun conjunction, and Uranus causing unexpected changes?) will be revisited in some way. And Mars suggests some very provoking, dynamic, action being felt and/or taken.

A Full Moon requires us to balance two opposing needs. The Moon sits in the House (life area) where you are INTUITIVELY. Whilst the Sun affects the House where your WILL is pulled towards.
An opposition can seem troubling. A sense of 'never the twain shall meet'. But it's also dynamic, in that we can't ignore it. Life is partly about balance. About finding a way to keep moving forward. When we are pushed to face opposing needs, we are compelled to deal with them and thereby find our way to a fuller life.

A Taurus Ascendant person, for example, is feeling pulled between home life versus life goals out in the world. Perhaps between parenting against needing to make a mark in the world.

We are called to find a balance. It needn't be either/or.

The Leo Moon - Aquarius Sun axis opposes the need for individual recognition and love versus the drive towards humanitarian motives.

Leo wants to be adored and seen, whilst Aquarius tells us there are wider-reaching priorities.

We can spend our lives (and yes, our online lives too) looking for verification of our worth (one more selfie?), or we can make our lives count by the ethical choices we make, the loving service we offer, and the difference we leave in the world not by shining as an individual, but by giving to the collective.

We are both unique and all the same. This is one of the Leo-Aquarius mysteries.

It's also a time when things come to a head, and with Mercury retrograde, what I see is that for many of us something (especially some practical matter that has been long going) will finally be resolved or completed. Or a final piece of the puzzle towards completion (ready for Mercury turning direct soon). Uranus suggests it will happen suddenly or erratically. In good relationship to Saturn, it will have a beneficial long-term effect.

Peace my friends.

Check what the Full Moon will be affecting via your Ascendant as well as Sun Sign.

In brackets are the other influences - Pluto (where the transformative communications occur) and Mars (where the action is taking place).
Your personal birth time affects where the planets end up, and with this FM happening on the cusp of Houses, it's very likely the Sun and Moon could be placed in the Houses on either side. They might be in the Houses before, depending on your actual birth time. Check the sign AFTER yours for the Moon affect.

Aries Asc - romance, children, creative projects versus wishes and hopes, group memberships
(reputation, career - commitments, shared resources)

Taurus Asc - home, family, belonging versus career or life goals (legalities, ideals - relationships)

Gemini Asc - communications, immediate environment and people versus ideals, legalities, education.
(commitments, shared resources - job, daily tasks, health)

Cancer Asc - values, income, possessions versus shared resources, deep commitments
(relationships - romance, children, creative projects.)

Leo Asc - self-image, renewed Self versus other people, intimate relationships
(job, daily tasks, health. - home, family, belonging.)

Virgo Asc - spiritual connection, boundaries, recharging, soul-searching versus daily tasks that need doing, health
(romance, children, creative projects. - communications, immediate environment and people)

Libra Asc - wishes, hopes, groups, community versus romance, children, creative projects
(home, family, belonging. - values, income, possessions.)

Scorpio Asc - reputation, social standing, career versus home, family, belonging
(communications, immediate environment and people - self-image, renewed Self.)

Sagittarius Asc - ideals, life purpose versus communications, immediate environment and people
(values, income, possessions - spiritual connection, boundaries, recharging, soul-searching.)

Capricorn Asc - commitments, shared resources versus values, income, possessions
(self-image - wishes, hopes, groups, community.)

Aquarius Asc - intimate relationships versus self-image, renewed Self
(soul-searching - reputation, career.)

Pisces Asc - job, daily tasks, health versus spiritual connection, boundaries, recharging, soul-searching
(wishes, hopes, groups, community - ideals, life purpose.)

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