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26 Nov 2015

thinking free

(taking a stroll)

Freedom to think as far as we can reach is a beautiful thing. Sometimes we need to look close and keep our heads in the details, but once in a while, we also need to dream and fill our mindscapes with grand visions. This is the stuff that sends us into the stratosphere of our highest callings.

The funny thing about life, is that it's never one or the other of anything.

The Mister is a rock-star when it comes to Grand Visions, but stumbles over the branches of those pesky details. Like the centaur, he leaps and gallops into vast spaces of freedom. In turn, sometimes having to re-do, re-think, or re-work it all anyway.

My Mercury (how we think) is in detail-orientated Virgo, so I can't help but look down at the branches - and how they are arranged, and how many there are, and what obstacles they could pose, and solutions.... yes, it can become paralysing, or anxiety-inducing spiralled-thinking, or over-critical.

When he and I work together, you see the chaff of friction for a moment, and then, the way that the collision of stardust makes stars.

Right now, the planet of thought and communication is in vision-seeking Sagittarius. We'll be thinking grand, talking big talk, and imagining all sorts of possibilities. We're thinking enthusiastically, and even hoping against hope.

I wish for you limitless horizons.
Just don't forget to look down once in a while. Okay?