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27 Oct 2015

Taurus Full Moon 2015

“A waiting person is a patient person. The word patience means the willingness to stay where we are and live the situation out to the full in the belief that something hidden there will manifest itself to us.”

Henri J.M. Nouwen

The Full Moon on the 27-28th will be another supermoon, this time in steadfast Taurus at 3°, while the Sun is in Scorpio. There will also be a relationship to Neptune and Saturn.

The key phrase is

Grounded Desire

A Full Moon is our mirror; shedding light on past actions, thoughts, behaviours and choices. It is also a time of culmination or completion.

The previous New Moon asked us to consider harmony in our lives. What required balancing, transforming how we relate to others.

Taurus offers us a strong grounded energy. It brings solidity to our recent dreams, hopes and plans. Especially if you sowed the seeds at the New Moon. You can now make things real.

Taurus gives us the practicality to push through on what needs to get done.

If your moods, thoughts, emotions, and motivations have been scattered or overwhelming, now is a great time to sit with what is real. To find groundedness. So that when you find yourself down or confused, you can recall these moments, where you knew for sure what mattered and what you wanted.

This energy is not about new visions and dreams, or hopes and wishes. Rather, it's about solidifying the dreams and hopes that we've been having. If there haven't been any new ideas for the future, then it's a time to clarify your basic practical needs, ready for dreaming to come.

The Taurus full moon is known as the Wesak Moon. A festival that celebrates the Buddha (and when he penetrated the heart of the mystery). The Sun meanwhile is in Scorpio. So we are reminded of healing, wisdom, and compassion, and getting to the heart of the matter. Taurus asks that we make these real in our daily lives, and Scorpio demands that it's all meaningful.

A time to manifest our inner wisdom and soulful desires.

Neptune in Pisces is in relationship with the Full Moon. It lends it's romantic, compassionate, and dreamy energy to the grounded practicalities. It also runs the risk of illusion and overwhelming the emotions. We want the practical details to also be beautiful and to match our inner dreams. Although Taurus is hard work and grounded, it also likes to indulge in the sensual.

Saturn is also in relationship, bringing his need for reality and limits.

It might be a wonderful time to take a break from the overwhelm; drink a glass of wine, run a candle-lit bath, or spend physical time with your lover. In balance, it can mean a delightful time of feeding your senses without losing yourself in over-indulgence. And Saturn's influence reminds us that we can't always manifest the fantastical concepts of our dreams, but that doesn't mean we don't end up manifesting the truly right and wonderful thing.

This New Moon calls us to:
deal with body needs
make sensible choices
work with reality
accept practical limitations
see your true goals
solidify plans
check what you really feel
birth the tangible
balance your personal values with the shared values with others

Highest vibration of Taurus:
Faith in Abundance
Soulful Nourishment

Which goals are doable?
Which emotional thoughts still stand true?
Which emotions need to be placed in a practical context?
Am I relaxing often enough?
What does my body need of me?
Am I making the best use of my resources?
Is what I value reflected in how I live?
What dreams and hopes deserve a solid foundation?
Where is there a lack of belief in abundance?
Do I know how to make the most of what I already have?
Do I have a physical means of staying centred/feeling grounded?
Am I taking time to be present in the now?
Are my practical energies being spent on what is truly meaningful to me?
What drama or intense feelings need to be grounded in my life?

The effects of the Full Moon can be felt a week either side of the 27th. Whilst everyone is impacted by a Full Moon and eclipses, it's those with personal planets in relationship to the transiting Moon who feel the most obvious impact. The eclipse occurs at 3° of Taurus. So any planet at 3° of any sign has an added impact as well. Check your chart to see if you have any planets at 29-6° of any sign, but especially in Taurus.