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9 Oct 2015

Libra New Moon

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

C.G. Jung

The desire for right relationship, for natural and supportive energetic flow between a pair, is innate in all of us.

Yet Libra, known as the sign of intimate relationships, is more than the coming together of two people. Harmonic unity is about bringing together opposing forces to create a new possibility. A true relationship isn't merely two people falling in love, but rather two people becoming a couple, thereby moving forward as one, and thus embodying sacred union. Dark and light, yin and yang - all is experienced as dual but ultimately part of One.

Libra is about synthesising what appears conflicted, opposing, dissimilar, contradictory, or simply independent. This certainly refers to people, but also situations and decisions.

In her highest role, Libra is the fulcrum. Bringing everything into alignment. What Libra does most beautifully is to weigh up two parts and find the point of equilibrium, and sometimes, of divine harmony.

Libra began at the equinox - that time of the year at the fulcrum of change. This New Moon is in relationship with Uranus and Pluto, as well as the conjuncting North Node with a just-turned-direct Mercury.

Karmic transformations involving ideas and communications, that liberate us.

This New Moon calls us to:
Dissolve old ways of relating.
Liberate your mind.
See new perspectives in relating.
Radically transform relationships.
Rebirth your unique Self amongst others.
Unify your dispersed values.

Highest vibration of Libra:
Spiritual Union
Divine Harmony

What healing conversations do I need to have?
Which unexpected changes can lead me to balance?
Have my past thoughts been aligned with my soul-needs?
What radical thought do I need to embrace to unify my many needs?
Which relationships require a new perspective?
Which of my unusual ideas or quirks do I need to emotionally accept?
Which of my ideas and thoughts need to be de-cluttered?
Are my ideas of Self in equilibrium with my relationships?

The effects of the Full Moon can be felt a week either side of the 12-13th. Whilst everyone is impacted by a Full Moon and eclipses, it's those with personal planets in relationship to the transiting Moon who feel the most obvious impact. The eclipse occurs at 19° of Libra. So any planet at 19° of any sign has an added impact as well. Check your chart to see if you have any planets at 16-22° of any sign, but especially in Libra.


  1. Very interesting since Libra is the sign of justice, interpersonal relationships based on equality and a new moon seems to signify to me new beginnings and new growth in this area. thanks for the post

    1. yes, absolutely. and as the new moon is the cusp of he dark and the crescent, and all is cyclical, we release to begin anew.