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18 Sep 2015

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is our call to self-mastery, maturity, and self-sufficiency. It's a powerful energy that supports our desire to build something lasting and to be in the driver's seat of our lives. It's our soul's evolutionary need to do so.

Any time we choose not to work with the energies of the cosmos, we run into problems. Saturn is a strict task master - if we refuse to turn up to his lessons, we'll reap limitations and scarcity.

Saturn has been transiting through Scorpio with a dip into Sagittarius between Dec 2014 and June 2015. From 17th September, he stays put in Sagittarius until December 2017.

During it's foray through Scorpio, we were called to mature in the areas of; joint finances, shared resources, sexual awareness, and ability for meaningful intimacy. We may have had to deal with secrets, out-in-the-open enemies, deep self-awareness, hostility, intense situations with others, legal wrangles, and power struggles. Scorpio required total transformation. We experienced losses, endings, and restrictions in these areas. However, if we stayed aware, we also gained new understandings and new insights about accepting responsibility and taking back control over our lives.

Not a light period in our lives by any means! Saturn in Sagittarius lightens the load by the very themes carried by this sign, but it's no less a task master.

However, Saturn is only truly difficult when we; don't face reality, refuse to accept practical limitations, hold onto old ways of doing things, try to rush through what requires steady progress, or when we get into power struggles.

Saturn transits can see us feeling heaviness within, even depression. However, these feelings are the indicators that we are not taking personal responsibility, not dealing with an issue head on, or in the pragmatic way it requires.

Saturn in the benevolent and expansive sign of Sagittarius heralds a 2-year period of amazing potential for growth. We had a taste of it in the first half of 2015 when he dipped in. So think back to what may have been the light during a dark period or dark area of your life. That beam of light is likely your clue to what heights you could now, steadily, reach.


Sagittarius needs to explore and adventure into the highest ideals of any area. It doesn't want to settle for 'good enough'. It isn't the detail-orientated perfectionism of Virgo, but rather a conviction that there is a true and right way that leads to the highest good. This can of course become arrogant and blinkered questing, where the details, including people, are run rough-shod over to get to the goal. Sagittarius, as the kingly Jupiter, may hold the vision for the entire kingdom, but must ascertain that the details are seen to one way or another. The centaur's arrow not only has to aim at the right target, but also be the right arrow for the hunt!

One thing is for certain, and that is that Sagittarius has a huge appetite as well as an eye on authentic soul purpose. That offers great potential for reaching some of our most treasured dreams and seeing our passions spread out into the world.

If we are not consciously working on what is worthy, that hunger can lead to excess - over-spending, over-eating, gambling or taking other risks - generally over-indulging. This happens when we allow what is not aligned to our soul to lead us off track. However, that is more Jupiter's influence (Sagittarius' ruling planet).

Saturn is the planet trekking through. He will curb that large appetite and over-zealousness. Any over-indulging will likely meet with some unhappy restrictions - stomach pains, sudden debt....

Saturn will support the treasured dreams, the worthy growth in other words, but only if it is done with self-mastery, and with steady progress. Between Saturn and Sagittarius, we have the potential for meaningful and soul-centred achievements.

Depending on which House Saturn moves through for you, you could find yourself; opening up a business, making substantial progress on a book or music project, finally travelling to distant lands, starting a new family, expanding your earning potential, founding a humanitarian enterprise, going on spiritual retreat to find god...

Saturn is about long-term goals, finding potential within a framework, concretising our purpose, and fully embracing that nobody can do the hard work for us.


  1. brilliant stuff. i don't mind saying that Saturn has kicked my butt rather severely in the recent past -- but not without great benefit in the end. yes, it's been a hard slog, but worthy....;) xo

    1. wonderful to see you here wonderful woman.
      went through my 2nd and 8th Houses - finances, shared finances, transformation, power struggles. big stuff, dark and dreary too. i learnt, and learnt some more. lol

  2. loved waking up to this freshly pressed missive explaining the general chaos i've been feeling of late. i will follow where you lead me as - those years ago when you did my first ever progressed moon reading - things went exactly as you saw them. thank you for being in the world x

    1. how lovely to be reminded of that and hearing it was of use to you. i'm sorry to hear of the chaos. after my own crazy 2 years, let's hope together for some rays of light.

  3. So much valuable insight here that I needed to read....thank you! Absolutely adore your space here - makes me want to start blogging regularly again. There was always something unique and precious about reading everyone's words before the simplicity of facebook interrupted :(

    1. Saturn is a big one, I'm glad you found something in my article of help. I'm already feeling the string influences and working hard to, well, work hard WITH them. Good to see you here ;)

  4. This is excellent...Explains so much ... & your right...if you don;t fight it & learn from it...life is much easier.... :)