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16 Sep 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

To grasp the full impact of retrograde planets, you might enjoy a read of the Retrograde Planets: re-everything article.


As I write this article, we're entering Mercury Retrograde in Libra on the 17th September and will remain there until October 9th. We can feel the energies at least a week before and after.


I see enormous potential for relationship, in all its forms. We're able to see into directions we never even knew existed, or dared to believe possible.

Mercury in Libra supports a wide-reaching, fair, diplomatic, and very harmonious, style of thinking.

Fairness has been a big issue for us all. Whether obvious and conscious or as an unconscious underlying need. Have we felt that we've been receiving as much as we've been giving? Are our responsibilities shared equally? Is this situation between us fair to me? I want others to be happy but am I being fair to my own needs?

When life or relationships have been strained, Libra Mercury can add a dash of diplomacy. When life or relationships have been good, Libra Mercury can address an imbalance where peace has been had at all costs.

When Mercury is retrograde, your thoughts and ideas seek to bring balance into old perspectives and harmony into habitual thought patterns.

People from our past might return; literally or in our dreams or reflections. Sometimes it's an old friend who turns into a lover. Usually, they return to remind us of what we still need to reassess or release.

Mercury Libra wants to make decisions and conclusions based on knowing both sides of a situation. During the retrograde period, we will want to weigh up our options and look at issues from all sides to uncover anything we might have missed. Even when just pondering or daydreaming, our minds will suddenly see new angles to old issues.

We now have the capacity and willingness to see other people's points of view.

This is all wonderfully fair and considerate, but it can pose problems if we become stuck in indecision. It's also not always possible to sit on the fence, find the middle ground, or please everyone - sometimes, choosing one side is the only way forward.

The retrograde period isn't really about decision-making, so there's no need to feel pushed. It's a time to ponder, reflect, and rethink.

Additionally, Mercury is still in challenging relationship with Pluto. Difficult but necessary conversations with others might still occur. These require us to go deep, deal with the hidden, or rehash unresolved issues. Old legal issues might crop up or you finally have one resolved. Also in relationship to Uranus, we could have flashes of incredible insight, find ourselves in unexpected circumstances, experience startling surprises, or have sudden change thrust upon us.

Illustration for La Vie Parisienne Magazine (1922), by Chéri Hérouard

We are called to:

Tie up loose ends.
Stay open to your intuition.
Consider possibilities and new directions.

When working on something new, walk away from it, return to it, reconsider it.
Remain receptive.
Integrate fairness with your current thinking.

Consider opposing view points.
If communications require clarity, get things down in writing.
Enjoy emotion-based (but non-confrontational) chats with loved ones.

Reflect on how effective has been your communication style.
Consider new ways of relating to others.
Recognise when remaining quiet or stepping back is the highest potential for the moment.

Do you feel a union, wholeness, within yourself?
Are you allowing yourself to receive as much as you give?
Balance out the power you allow others with self-empowerment.

Appreciate the fair and balancing energy right now, recognise that you're in this place to weigh things up, but ultimately it's the groundwork to lead eventually to a decision.

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