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27 Sep 2015

Aries Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon on the 27-28th will be in pioneering Aries at 4°, while the Sun is in Libra, plus we have a lunar eclipse adding potency.

The key phrase is

self-realisation alongside others

A Full Moon is our mirror; shedding light on past actions, thoughts, behaviours and choices. The previous New Moon asked us to consider the details of our lives. What required refining, what life-clutter needed to be released, discerning which details were serving to support our true selves.

Aries offers us a strong fire energy that burns up any vagueness or uncertainty we've been experiencing. Especially if you took time to consider things at the New Moon. Now it's time to follow your instincts. We're ready finally to get what we need.

Aries is giving us the final push to just go for it and make the necessary decisions.

your part in relationships
letting go
self + us
new perspectives

true passions
my purpose

Which goals need redefining?
Do I need to slow down and uncover a truer drive?
Are my needs being met in my relationships?
Am I trying to be a certain someone, or allowing the real me to blossom?
Where do I need to start from scratch/blank slate?
What do I feel enthusiastic/excited about?
Am I giving it expression?

For those of you with access to your birth chart, take a look where Mars is transiting, as well as the Sun and Moon. The above applies to us all, but the transit House area will give you an idea of exactly where you're feeling the impact.

Along with the Full Moon we have an eclipse that adds power to everything above. We also have the North Node and Mercury in conjunction with the Sun. Conversations will happen that have the potential to change our lives! Saturn in beneficial relationship to the Moon indicates making concrete your recent goals or dreams.

Let Aries light a fire under your soul and take your life into your own hands! Live your dreams, today.

The effects of the Full Moon can be felt a week either side of the 28th. Whilst everyone is impacted by a Full Moon and eclipses, it's those with personal planets in relationship to the transiting Moon who feel the most obvious impact. The eclipse occurs at 4° of Aries. So any planet at 4° of any sign has an added impact as well. Check your chart to see if you have any planets at 1-7° of any sign, but especially in Aries or Libra.