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27 Feb 2015

{hear} Karise Eden

Once in a while a new voice emerges that touches you in your centre and rocks your socks off. What bohemian doesn't go weak at the knees to a voice that drips with pain, sorrow, and passion?

Inevitably, she's been compared to Ms Joplin, and that's high praise indeed. Winning an Australian talent show at only 19, she went on to have the biggest selling album nationally for an Australian artist that year.

However, news of her troubled life soon leaked out. Young girls in hoards looked to her as a role model, but she was still so young, and by no means out from under her own struggles. How could she give answers that she was still seeking herself?

The pressure led to a breakdown. It took two years of healing before she returned to the spotlight.

Yet it's likely that her pains have fed and fuelled her artistry. She deserves our attention. She deserves our support. Her debut CD sits on my shelves.

Watch her audition:


  1. i bet i'll love her, because i love her look! i'll check her out later tonight and let you know what i think [happy march 2] x

  2. Amazing voice, thanks for sharing. She reminds me of Tina Turner too! Have you heard about the documentary "Amy" coming out about Amy Winehouse? I can't wait to see it. So tragic to lose such a talent. Good for Karise for finding her voice again and overcoming her struggles.