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1 Dec 2014

{see} control

If you like gritty and understated realistic films about musicians, then you might want to take a look at Control. A biographical insight into Joy Division's front-man. The film was aided by the singer's wife and the band, so there is a lot of personal input.

Casting Sam Riley as Curtis was pure genius. If you've never seen the original band's performances, than take a look at this before or after watching the film - it's uncanny. The direction, photography, and atmosphere are spot on too. I can see why it won so many awards.

It's more than about music though. It's about dissolving love, conscience, epilepsy, that thin line between obligations and creativity, and simple, quiet depression. Like the band's music, it's sparse and bleak.

This isn't about the glamorous life, it's the creative soul living in the real world with real problems. It's also as much her story as his. The wife choosing what to see, accepting domesticity, offering unflinching loyalty. It's a tragic love story.


  1. This looks great, just the kind of movie I would watch with Mr!

  2. I may need boxes of tissue when watch this kind of movie.