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30 Dec 2014

{see} best book covers of 2014

Some wonderful books out this year and also some wonderful book covers. I found a lot of repetition in design from past years. There were many exceptions though and some are still striking, innovative or not. Here are my favourite picks. I even included a couple of comic and YA covers.

1. Design by Rafi Romaya, illustration by Yehrin Tong
2. Design by Charlotte Strick, illustration by Patrick Leger

3. Design by W. H. Chong
4. Elektra #9, Cover Art by Mike Del Mundo

5. Design by Chin Yee Lai
6. Catwoman #36, Comic Cover Art by Jae Lee

7. Design by Paul Sahre
8. Design by Matt Roeser

9. Design by Tim Green
10.Design by Gabriele Wilson

11. Design by Peter Mendelsund
12. Design by Joel Tippie

13. Design by Tanya Ross-Hughes; model photo by Ali Smith; title type by Mario Hugo
14. Design by John Lucas

May your 2015 be full of beauty, bliss, and a bohemian-like joy for life.

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