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13 Jul 2012

{see} ian bagwell

I adore food photography that marries gorgeous food with rustic backdrops and the feel that the food is actually to be eaten.

For me, cooking, eating, and gatherings around food, are best uncomplicated, jovial, wholesome, fresh, and free from the restraints of high-brow etiquette. This photography style encompasses that for me.

Introducing you to Ian Bagwell.

I hope your weekend includes some good eats and relaxed times.


  1. why now??? I'm starving, no food in the house, and you post these.... ;)

    1. lol
      that peach pie is divine especially.

  2. mmmmmmmm loooks lovely! I've just been shopping for holiday food! its hard as we have a small fridge in our home on wheels and we don't like to venture out to civilisation too much once we get on site, so have to plan meals which isn't like me!!

  3. These are incredible! I really love the backdrops.


  4. Fuss free food and fabulous photography that's me to a TEA or should that be 'T'

    :~) x

  5. I agree with you; I've always loved the "rustic" approach to food photography, as though the food is ready to be eaten casually with friends and family. Gorgeous shots!

  6. These images are amazing ... I think food photography that looks 'real' and enjoyable is most definitely the best kind.

    I think that peach pie has my name on it. ;)

  7. You know someone's got talent
    when they can make raw oysters
    look scrumptious! Great find!

  8. thanks for the beautiful inspiration, Monica. I feel as you do - food photography needs to be alive and not dead. Just like life! I cannot believe I was for song attracted to the perfection of the glossy magazine life. Hope you're having a lovely summer with the Mr and your sweet daughter xx

  9. they really are great pics!

  10. WOW, what an artist.....how I would love to be a fly on the wall and just watch this man work!!!
    Thanks for sharing him Mon!

  11. Ye gads, is that raspberry ripple ice cream? I'm going over right now...

  12. these are really well done...I am not one for clams but I love the photograph of them...Thanks for sharing...


  13. Yes, absolutely! I want that table too. And Mon, check out What Katie Ate...if you haven't already..blog by Katie Quinn Davies aka cook, stylist, photographer (yeah, I'm slightly envious) ..also adopts that beautiful rustic style.