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13 Jun 2012

{see} Emma Hack

"All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream."

Edgar Allan Poe

Skin illustrator, photographer, sculptor, diverse multimedia artist,
Emma Hack

read: big da vinci fan, heavenly bodies
taste: bellocq
see: an afternoon with...
smell: scent by age
touch: personalised yarn bowls


  1. I loved discovering the tea atelier, the photography is beautiful on their website, and those above are quite interesting to create illustrations....
    Hope you are well?
    X Sandra

    1. it IS beatiful photography at the tea site.
      i'm good, blogging at other blog mostly.

  2. these are great! thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous, especially the black and white with the red lips and red bird. Thanks for sharing.
    Sweet greetz!

  4. hi Monica I've been missing you here. I love opening up a post and saying "Wow." These are beautiful and I'm particularly fond of the idea of wearing wallpaper! How's your summer looking? Would you like to be part of a book club at my blog in a few weeks :)

  5. Wow, stunning art. I love the description - 'skin illustrator'. How cool. I've subscribe to your personal blog - looks lovely :)

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this post Mon. Loved reading about DaVinci's Ghost- interesting review and I am compelled to read more, especially since I saw Mona yesterday :). And the teas!!!! Gorgeous site, again especially since I have just discovered Mariage Frères. My MIL and kids had to drag me out of that store, only to take me to Ladurée, who not only had mouth watering macaroons but gorgeous teas themselves!! I can totally relate now to your past posts on the dreaded suitcase battle, lol...Oh and I loved visiting An Afternoon With.... love John and James' style, and saw a familiar look with their desk area (nice to know I have some sense of design--however minuscule that might be :)...

  7. wow
    this is stunning
    absolutely mesmerizing!

    love and light

  8. Hello my friend, it's been a while. You source some great great stuff, you know? I wonder if this inspired Gotye's clip?


  9. Very cool art! The Brooklyn apartment is my kinda place, and that tea looks amazing. Love the earthy feel of their website, too.

    Good to see you back here, though I love your other blog, too.

  10. These are amazing! Truly inspirational creativity and original thinking! I do shudder to think how much time is involved in getting each pic done... Brilliant!

  11. Whoa, this is cool. I like the one where she's holding a little red bird most I think - it takes a moment for your brain to work it out.

  12. that is so cool! great idea, loving it!

  13. amazing art!
    and I'm a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, that's a great quote.. cool blog, just found it... I'll keep in toch, take care