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12 Jan 2012

into a small jar

Univers du rouge, Cara Déry

The art, the quote. They woke a hurt in me.

...her world has been so constrained, with so few objects of beauty in it. She is not a bulldog, only a woman pressed into the shape of a small jar, possibly attempting to dance there. It shows in the way she places a seashell on a window sill, a red-painted chair in the corner: she is practiced in the art of creating a still life and taking up residence inside it.
The Lacuna, Barbara Kingslover

hear: I'd Rather Go Blind by Black Dub on Grooveshark
read: i'm a life-long deviator. you?
taste: home-baked coconut cookies
see: Hero, by Miguel Endara, admire this level of patience
think: of the free-fall when there is neither harmony nor space
feel: ill from exhaustion but unable to sleep

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