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6 Jan 2012

Reads of 2011

Goodreads tells me that I read 45 books last year (fiction). It pleased my aesthetic sense to see them all lined up on their page looking purty. So here, in random order, are my top 18 reads of 2011.

Favourite five

A quick scan shows me that I managed at least 5 from the 1001 to read list. You know, I've discovered a couple of goodies from the more modern novels but otherwise remain underwhelmed by that part of the list.

In my first few weeks in UK I've already tracked down (2nd-hand) 2 Phillipa Gregorys, a Murakami, Never Let Me Go, and Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

So how did your reading year go? 
I'd love to hear about your favourites.

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  1. Only one that I have read eons ago. Will have a look at your recommendations for sure.

    What I am more interested in is this Goodreads site. Looks like a really worthwhile site to be a member of...

  2. I just finished The History of Love - wonderful! I was obsessed with the Victorian era about ten years ago Henry James and Edith Wharton are two of my favorites. I will have to check out goodreads. I just an email to my moon theme. Thanks!! :)

  3. Goodreads is great fun and wonderful for organising and sharing reads.

    I'm also a James and Wharton fan Mandy. Glad you enjoyed HofL!

  4. Cloud Atlas is one of my favourites - I love how all of the stories have such ranging styles. My favourite book of the year was probably Ready Player One but I'm also so glad I discovered Game of Thrones!

  5. I so appreciate book recommendations, so I'm definitely going to check out these favorites of yours. Thanks!

  6. Phillipa Gregory is where it is at!! I LOVE her books.
    I'm going to be using your list to see what I need to read next!

  7. And Merry Little Christmas... I'm glad to find another celebrator in Three Kings Day!

    Now I will have to ask my mom again what time I was born... if she remembers.

  8. WOW, Monica, those are great numbers! I'm so jealous (in a good way)! I have to check out this site - Good Reads - sounds like a very fun way to keep track of my reads!

    Camila Faria

  9. Wow...45. I am stunned. I am lucky to get eight books into a year. I love to read...I just don't sit still long enough to do it. You are so inspiring.

    Happy New Year!

  10. That's awesome Mon!!! I know I always look forward to your reviews and your lists as they have inspired many of my latest reads. I watched the movie "Elizabeth" with Cate Blanchett the other day and I remembered you liking the Other Boleyn Girl. I think I'd like to read some more about the Tudors via Phillipa Gregory! I also added Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell to the list too!! Keep 'em coming!

  11. apparently - just reading recently - Gregory is the queen of historical fiction, or queen of the tudor period fiction... or something. either way, she writes well. i would love to find more HF that is written well.

  12. Wonderful. I've read some of these, but you've given me more to add to my expanding amazon wish list.

    Speaking of Gregory, I liked her "The Lady of the Rivers". Margaret George also writes some good HF. The Memoirs of Cleopatra was amazing.

  13. Cool beans! Love the book cover graphic, and thanks for the title ideas. The only one of those that I've read is Memoirs fo a Geisha, several years ago. One of my current reads reminds me of it quite a bit. Glad you're blogging again, happy new year!!

  14. Glad to hear that you had a good year reading wise Monica. I enjoyed seeing your favorites.

    Some of my 5 star reads were Faith by Jennifer Haigh, State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante, and The Four Ms. Bradwells by Meg Waite Clayton.

  15. ooh thanks, will look those up.

  16. Great post. I read a lot of books on spiritual treks and journeys, namely Buddhism, Kundalini yoga...and it was the year of re-reading Kerouac (I think hearing about the movie in the making renewed my love of his writing). Just picked up Doris Lessing's "The Golden Notebook" and looking forward to it with evening cups of chai while it snows outside.

  17. i do hope you enjoy it. i've been meaning to re-read it.

  18. I need to find out more about Goodreads. I have no idea how many books I read last year, or what they were. I could check in my journal where most of them are probably noted but it would take me hours.

    Looking at your graphic I've remembered I did read the Kerouac, which I loved. Cloud Atlas has been on my mental must read list for ages, I think I'll try and order it right now so I don't forget again. And will check out Goodreads too.

  19. I still have On the Road on my list. I have it on my bookshelf, just collecting dust and waiting to be read.

    I think I did well with reading this year. I read as much as I set out to and my favorites were the Harry Potter books. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, especially since a friend with similar reading taste raved about it! I enjoyed it more than I expected to. In fact, I loved it.

  20. Love it when you talk books ;-)

    It's hard to choose only five, but here is my list of fiction:

    The Razor's Edge by W. Somerset Maugham
    Orlando by Virgina Woolf
    Waverley by Sir Walter Scott
    One Day by David Nicholls
    and, thanks to you, History of Love by Krauss

  21. I have a couple of these on my shelf now... you've inspired to me to actually pick them up! Thank you!!!