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18 Oct 2011

curves {5 Senses Tour}

5 senses tour

5 Senses Tour is here!
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Beauty comes in every shape and size and colour and form.
There is no such thing as 'real women have X body'.
There is no real right, wrong, or better.

But seeing the same type of 'beauty' will tire anyone's eyes.

My eyes are tired.

Of angular shoulder blades.
Skinny jeans.
Thighs not much larger than calves.
No bellies.
Of Before photos that look perfectly wonderful.
Of beautiful, female-owned, blogs coveting the same type of woman.

the human body
5 beauties.

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  1. This post makes me so happy I'm crying!!! This is beautiful. These, and all, women are beautiful. I'm tired, too. Tired of seeing women torture themselves at trying to achieve the "perfect" body. Why do so many allow designers, media, and society determine what is perfect? I don't care what size or shape a woman is. I care if she's healthy and happy. Because when she is healthy and happy, the beauty oozes from every pore.

    Bravo, friend! xoxo

  2. Getting irritated over fashion photos of skinny models is like jumping in mud, haha. At some point I stopped looking at the models and got more interested in the clothes and the fabrics and it became so much more fun. And I've never owned a pair of skinny jeans in my life ;-) Loved that curvy editorial in Italian Vogue, so beautiful.

    PS. I think Amanda is right about the vampire thing ;-)

  3. i don't get irritated, although when i think of it on a wider perspective yes i do... but on a day-to-day basis i don't. as i said, there's no right or better.

    my current tiredness stems from women bloggers actually pointing out how gorgeous a woman is. a woman who may be super stick-thin naturally, or more likely, hasn't eaten in days.

    it's the 'this stick thin woman is my idea of beauty' that i'm tired of. :)

  4. These are real women and they look great but do you know what is really sad?

    I am not a skinny fan but my initial response was happiness that I am thinner than those girls - now i am a rational uk size 12-14 Woman, in love with chocolate and cider. I am a nurse working with real women of all shapes and sizes and would consider myself a feminist.

    So why am i so irrational when its me that is larger than the average? i guess it could stem from having a sister who will just eat peas all week if she so much looks at a piece of chocolate.

  5. thanks for your honesty!

    that's all part of the reason this is a real issue, and can't just be dismissed. even us who are concerned and want better role models are not immune.

    i also don't want to be flabby. but i would LOVE to be chubby and not care. i'm too affected by the images i've been bombarded with and the effect it's had on others, men and women.

    i don't want my girl to live through the same. but it ain't changing any time soon. we can slowly shift ourselves a little at a time.

  6. Hooray! Real women! One day, not too long I hope, the media will realise it's all become so very boring looking at girls the same size all the time. I have nothing against slim girls, we are all female!! Magazines, please get real! Thanks for showing these beautiful pictures Monica :)
    Jess xx

  7. Beautiful post!! I think it's all about attitude and being comfortable in your own skin. Anyone (and everyone) is beautiful if they simply believe it to be true. It's about "swagger" and confidence. I'm not going to lie, I wear skinny jeans and I love them. I know I won't always be able to wear them but I'm going to rock em while I can. :) I'm comfortable with me and I'm not trying to please/be anybody else.

    Joining the tour today:


  8. you know, LOL, just for the record, i'm not anti-skinny jeans. :D
    it's women hating themselves because they want to fit into them. or women blogging how wonderful a model looks because she fits into skinny jeans. and we're talking size zero skinny.

  9. Thank you for this! These photographs are so beautiful, they're brining tears to my eyes. These women are real and beautiful and strong -- that should be the ideal we strive for!

  10. loved this so much, had to continue with the women theme. :)


  11. They are gorgeous women...if you think about it, most people are really beautiful. I can't think of one person I know and say "that person is really ugly". I think we would all be even more gorgeous if we were made up with hair, make up and some great photography...skinny or not. It is sad though that most of the models you see are ridiculously thin. Scary thin.

    I think our culture somehow makes us want what we don't have. I have always been "skinny" and I can wear skinny jeans, but I have wished I was bigger...larger breasts, taller, etc. I would rather be more voluptuous that the small person I am, especially standing next to my 5'8" friend. But I've learned to see we are shaped the way we are and we are ALL beautiful. It's what's INSIDE that really counts. We will all age, get wrinkles, gray hair (that's me) and our beauty will be gone. But NOTHING can take away our spirit and who we are.

  12. This is great :). I have to agree with LB. These women are so stunning, but it's more than the way they look or their weight. You can tell these women feel and exude sexy and beautiful, they know it from within, and to me that is what it's all about. Skinny doesnt matter if you feel like shit inside :).

    Late posting today but here's mine :):



  13. Doesn't matter what size you are as long as you are healthy!


  14. I love this post again! You touched me deep, reminds me of the days back at art college I did an essay on the very same issue called 'Imaging Eve', I used some of 'Addbusters' campaign material to highlight the media's
    use of stick models to sell their wares!

    Wonderful to see real women!

    Sue x

  15. this is beautiful. it's so hard to re-program my mind especially living in la...this is a lovely start and reminder :)


  16. They are all gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing these. I agree with everything you said.

  17. Fantastic post...the essence of a woman is not what she looks like but the spirit she has...When she has that she can celebrate who she is no matter what shape and size...I agree with Amanda...I am going to continue this theme on my blog!!!

    Love this!!

    Peace, Linda

  18. Those are some lovely, lovely ladies :)

  19. Well now, I'm a baby boomer, retired and have let my hair go gray. Easier to care for and less expensive.

    I admire women for who they are as human beings. Strength, kindness, mercy, helpful to others, intelligence gained from books and life. A woman who know who she is and does not need ads to tell her who she is, she knows within herself.

    She finds her spiritual path and walks in peace.

    Thank you for sharing.

  20. Beauty comes in so many forms...I wish that the fashion world truly understood that.

  21. What a beautiful post. Love this.

  22. these women are definitely gorgeous!

    i'm not sure since when, but i'm always drawn to the inner essence of someone before i can determine their outer beauty

    if someone is ugly on the inside and "good looking" on the outside, beauty just doesn't come up for me in regards to them

    as a naturally skinny gal
    i've struggled for a good portion of my life to accept myself as i am
    because i come from a latin culture in which thin women are not regarded as attractive as fuller women

    but i've become ever so loving towards myself
    since those days - bowed legs and all. :)

  23. lovely! :) and i love everything about that lower left photo. i still don't get why the unhappy sunken-eyed look is so popular!

  24. love those images, such beauty in those curves:) i wish the general media would show more of this.

  25. It's definitely a welcome change to see pictures like these gorgeous women, who though while probably more representative of the so-called normal woman, shouldn't be considered any more 'real' than a slimmer woman. I say this as someone with a few extra (unwanted) kilos on, because I knew a girl who was naturally very skinny and when people said 'Real women have curves,' she'd be all like 'So I'm not real?'

    I think acceptance of all body types is what's needed and it pleases me that we're getting there, albeit a bit more slowly than I'd like.

    Seriously, though, how beautiful is the woman in the bottom right picture? Stunning.

  26. exactly annelise, that's why i was determined to make it clear with my first paragraph. i don't belong in the real women have curves camp.

    i have 3 nieces who are naturally skinny, and my own daughter seems to be that way too. i know my nieces have some concerns over small boobs. argh. it never ends.

    but definitely thinspiration is the way right now.

  27. I love your post! But to be honest, I am the one with the angular features. Not ever bearing a child could make my body add weight, except that now I have more of a curvature to my hips and more breasts than before. I love me though, and all of this that I am has to do with my Ayuverdic Dosha, not (never!) with not eating.

    But these, these are glorious women and it is time that we honour them, instead of those skinny things that get where they are by snorting whatever, smoking, drinking, feeling unworthy and having more issues than playboy. They have my sympathy though, because I think despite their glory and money, they suffer and are on that stage because they want to be adored because no one has adored them otherwise....

  28. hi Nadya, yes, there is a WORLD of difference between naturally skinny and starving oneself to be that. and also, hating oneself because you're not that.

  29. YES. I love this. More photos like this need to be seen, posted and admired.

  30. I love this post, just beautiful! I love your new header!

  31. somehow I missed this post, (and a few more in my absence), but I love it! I personally find beauty in diversity, and seeing some curves nicely balances images of thin women and reflects more honestly the reality.

    I'm someone who tends towards the slim, and I've always had the skinny, sticky-up shoulder blades,(which I used to be self-conscious about btw), and with a small frame. But I've happily embraced that, and for me beauty is good health and the sensuality of being in a skin that is nourished and loved - something that radiates from the women in the images above. It goes to show you, that whatever our natural build, women often struggle with body image at some point in their lives.

    I'm also quietly thrilled that as I'm getting older, (and with motherhood), despite my natural leanness I'm rounding out a little and my edges are softening and I'm getting more curves. It makes me feel more womanly.

    Pictures like these are soul food : )

  32. I love these. I was watching Project Runway and the designers had to design for a "real woman". They were all complaining about having to design clothes for curves. They wanted their rail thin models. It made me so frustrated. These are beautiful and inspiring.

  33. That`s not so often that editors put curved girls on the covers, though it might have been beautiful to see such women.