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4 Oct 2011

5 senses tour no.3

5 senses tour

(cover design)
One of my favourite cover designs in this series from Penguin,
although I've yet to read this one.
50% of the profits from the sales of each book (in the RED series) go directly to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.
And you can download a poster of some of the covers to print out!


We watched Limitless on Monday.
A bit mediocre. Great concept but doesn't really go anywhere provoking.


the word 'bohemian', check.
an owl, check.
cool typography, check.



The kind of shots that will bring up very different feelings according to the viewer.

Add the link to your own tour in the comments.


  1. i adore the Bohemian poster!!!!

  2. That owl poster is fabulous.
    I watched the trailer and I think I'll pass. Definitely not a film for me ;-)

  3. Never heard about that penguin red series, gonna have to check that as there are a few classics I've been meaning to buy for a while. That poster really is something, well, it hits every spot, right?

  4. Lovely, all of them. The wall art--WOW. I agree about Limitless, the ending kind of killed it for me. The Owl poster is awesome!!! And I am a sucker for great book cover designs. Though I can't recall a book that successfully lived up to one, kind of like wine label designs, hehe. I tried to click the link for the photo but I think it's broken, the photo looks familiar to me and I am curious to see the source!
    I'll leave my link here till linky shows up...


  5. It's disappointing to hear that about Limitless. I have a bit of a thing (read: obsession) for Bradley Cooper, so I'll probably end up watching it anyway.

    And I love this kind of graffiti art. I'd much rather see something like this on a street wall, then something juvenile like, "Teddy was here".

  6. fixed the link MJ! thanks.

    jillian, i like his acting, and he's definitely easy on the eyes, lol.

  7. love the book covers. cool finds!!

  8. Great tour! Love the book cover and the poster. We watched Limitless over the weekend. It was a slight disappointment. I did love when the letters where falling from the sky, though. Very cool. Street art is probably my favorite art for (dare I say it). Beautiful. The photograph both haunts me and intrigues me, simultaneously. Lovely. Mark my words, I'm on the Tour nest week!!

  9. yah limitless was ok, the best part was getting to look at bradley cooper that much :)

  10. totally love the poster, owls are always sooo cute :) the colours are great!

  11. Great 5 senses tour Mon. I just love that graffiti art. Just goes to show, you can make art anywhere anytime. The poster and the book cover are both really cool!


    The one you chose is beautiful. I also really like Anna Karenina, and Kidnapped. The covers are so sensual - there's so much feeling from just the jacket.

  13. I love that little bohemian owl poster! And that image of the girl is thought provoking, for sure. To me, her eyes look sad...she definitely has a story to tell. xoxoxo brynn

  14. that's a cool series from Penguin...I actually loved Limitless, but had low expectations beforehand...I watched it and Adjustment Bureau in the same weekend and liked them both, but Limitless more, mostly because I thought Bradley Cooper was really good in it, and it kept moving (boredom is the biggest turnoff in a movie for me)

    Happy Birthday:-)

  15. the penguin series is just wonderful isn't it? I just gaze and gaze at the covers.
    Haven't seen Limitless...

    Love all of these images actually, but I do especially covet that poster : )

  16. That book cover is incredible! I love how it fits so well with the title of the book.