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28 Sep 2011

on the road {Novi Sad}

Evidence of me trying to respond to emails and read your blogs.
See how I do that with ice-cream in hand and take the photo?
Multi-tasking friends!

Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee...
Well, we're in Europe.

Everyone told us, you'll prefer Novi Sad to Belgrade. It's more cultured they said, cleaner, the people allegedly  friendlier......

Well, I don't think it's fair to compare. One is a small town/city, the other is the capital. But I have to admit that we really like Novi Sad.

The old and the new.
Central church and boho-vibe cafe.

Wiiiiiide streets and pavements where you can shop and let your kids run about without fear of them running into traffic.
Bike lanes everywhere.
Studenty vibe.
Shops well arranged in one central area.
Cafe culture.
The Danube.
City living in a relaxed vibe.
Ice-cream and books around every corner.

One of the very groovy things about being here is that we got to visit local families (relatives of the Mr). Which means I had the chance to hear from the mouths of young people - their thoughts on their country, the war and the damage they felt, the opportunities available to them, and just their daily living. And also to hear varying views, especially from the youth in Belgrade (who seem hellbent on going to England like it's a promised land) and those in other areas who are more content where they are.

And the great thing about doing it by car is seeing all the tiny towns in-between.

Back on the road tomorrow morning for a couple of days in Belgrade.
I'm much better at taking the camera out once I've been somewhere for a bit.


  1. Lol I'm impressed that you dare eat ice cream by your laptop! I'm such a klutz that there's only one place that ice cream would end, on the keyboard! (or alternatively on me)....

  2. Um, why are you even trying?!?! Close the laptop and enjoy yourself. :)

    Does look like a very groovy town, though. Love the cafe! Coffee ... mmmmm!

  3. that icecream looks delicious :) have a fun trip and unplug!

  4. Oh my gosh I loved this post. Made me feel like I am there with you. And the ice cream in hand whilst blogging? Glorious.

  5. well, it's fun surfing online while chilling out. lol and good excuse to sit at the ice-cream shop.

  6. sounds like a very interesting trip you are having. interesting to hear what they young ones have to say. I'm not surprised, tho. even tho I'd almost like to warn them... the grass is always greener on the other side...

    enjoy your holidays :)

  7. Nice shot of the tiny town... love the lens flare.

  8. Living vicariously through you...


    Looks and sounds like a beautiful place. Enjoy your travels hun!

  9. you are my muse.

    1. to be traveling and connecting with the communities you're visiting
    2. to be able to eat ice cream and do something else

    you've got it going on, girl.

  10. Lovely travel photos. I can't wait to do mine in a couple of months :)

  11. I love road trips, since I do not fly, I am land locked but we drive everywhere and seeing all of the great places between point A and point B is the benefit to driving. Novi Sad sounds wonderful! As a young hippie chick in the 60's and 70's I loved the word groovy and I think it is very groovy that you are bringing that word back!!

  12. I think both places -- small towns and larger cities, each have something to offer the traveler. Love your photos. :)

  13. I love this post! Have never been to Novi Sad but it is the land of our dear Tanja so it holds a special place in my heart because of that :-). Ice cream looks delish! And that IS the best part about driving, getting to experience all the quaint corners of the world.

  14. It looks like an amazing place! How neat that you get to hear about life there firsthand from people who call it home.

  15. I'm totally with Amanda, close the computer! But I have to admit that it is fun to get travel updates ;-)

    PS. Oh my god, are you kidding me with The History of Love? I've started it and I can't put it down, it's brilliant, it's a gem. I'm laughing out loud and sometimes I can't stop laughing.

  16. Any place where ice cream and books abound is a place I want to go :)
    I love the juxtaposition of those two photographs...

  17. Thank you so much for taking us on the road too, I have been so curious about this corner of Europe for a while and love seeing your photos

  18. Blogging with ice cream and coffee? Oh I'm soooo sad for you. ;)

    ps. you didn't miss the book review - link list goes up tomorrow!

  19. Funny how close Serbia is to Bulgaria and I've never ever been there. But it is definitely on my list, though! I hope you enjoy every moment of your trip!

  20. What an adventure. It's great when you can communicate with the locals and view things from a different standpoint. I've always wondered how it feels to be a local in certain countries.

    Good job with the multitasking, lady!

  21. being able to visit locals is always the best when traveling!

  22. haha this post made me laugh, you are a great multitasker indeed! hope you enjoy the rest of your trip :)

  23. Coooool. Novi Sad looks and sounds wonderful. Another place I would love to visit! Enjoy the rest of your road trip!!