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26 Sep 2011

on the road {Budapest}

Hey everyone!
Happy Monday.

Sorry I went a bit AWOL. Blogging while travelling is fine, but also trying to comment on all your lovely blogs is just impossible. And commenting goes with blogging as far as I'm concerned, so a break was best.


We've had a few days in Belgrade and Novi Sad (1hr North of Belgrade) and then headed for Budapest. Now we're back in Novi Sad and plan on the reverse before heading home in about 5 days... or so.

I'll take some photos of those cities and post them soon but for now, some pics of Budapest.

We loved the city. It's enormous and we had no idea. 3 days with a little one was not enough. I highly recommend this capital full of cultural sites, a typically buzzing European cafe life, architectural feasts for the eyes, and just a ton to do.

Just to be clear, these are NOT my photos 
(I'm not a travel photographer as I like to soak in the places and feel inhibited by a camera.... 
I know, nuts for a traveller and hobby photographer! but there you are).
I wanted to show you this groovy city. 
They are all places we've visited or seen.

Chain Bridge
We took a bus over from Pest into Buda, into the Castle Quarter.
There are a few bridges crossing the Danube. This is the oldest.

Fisherman's Bastion, Castle Quarter, Buda side.
We had coffee and this superb view across the Danube.
That's Parliament House, gorgeous.

St Istvan basilica, Pest side
Miss 3 decided this was the Beast's Castle (from Beauty & the Beast).
Cupola of the Applied Arts Museum
We only viewed this from the outside.

Old and new, libraries and book shops.... there are sooooo many books to oggle!
I forgot to buy myself a bookmark... boohoo... I always try to grab one from each place we visit.

I'll do my best to visit you all.
(no 5 Senses Tour  tomorrow)

Have a fabulous start to your week.


  1. safe travels monica. completely envious of these gorgeous places you are visiting. have fun. xo.

  2. Wonderful photographs. I never visited Budapest, but it looks gorgeous. So maybe the next trip.....
    It's a pleasure to travel a bit with you thru your blog, day-dreaming......
    Sweet greetz!

  3. How wonderful! I hope you have a fantastic time and I can't wait to hear more about the places you're visiting!

  4. What a great trip...can't wait to hear more either!

  5. glad you are having a great time :) I know what you mean about the commenting. I get the guilts if i dont visit people. It's like i'm letting friends down lol

  6. I love your take on things Mon, thanks for posting these images - looks like a place to be on the tick list.

    I'm with Miss 3 about the castle!

    Sue x

  7. Gorgeous!! Definitely delighting all the senses.

    Safe travels as you work your way back home.

  8. These photos bring back many good memories. Hope you're having a wonderful time ;-)

  9. i loved budapest, my favorite part of it was going to some turkish baths!

  10. budapest is a must on my list~ love hearing all about your travels! have a safe + fun time :)

  11. That is fancy staircase. Thank you for posting the images!

  12. I've never dreamed of visiting Budapest, but wow! What a gorgeous city. And I like your daughter's opinion of the castle. ;)

    I know what you mean about being inhibited by a camera - as much as I love photography, it can interfere with really being in the moment. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

  13. the liberies and book shops look wonderful, you must have an incredible time :)

  14. oh monica! it looks like a lovely toour... there place i have never been too. but i wish one day, the day i will travel the hole of europe i will stop there and i might come a bit souther and visit you : )

  15. How gorgeous!!! I am glad you are having such a lovely time! I don't know much about Budapest, but just this little taste definitely intrigues me :) I think I am in a constant state of wanderlust...thanks for feeding my temptations today! xoxoxo brynn

  16. Looks beautiful. I'm glad you guys are having a wonderful time. Safe travels!!

  17. Budapest looks so awesome! Jealous, and loving living vicariously through your adventures.

  18. Great photos, Mon. I love your bookmark idea too. Such a luggage-friendly, quality souveniour idea for an avid reader like you. Happy continuing travels x

  19. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics.


  20. Glad you're having a great time!! Budapest looks amazing and ancient! And please dont feel bad about not being able to visit blogs and comment, there will be plenty of time for that after (so I keep telling myself that too).

  21. it looks like such a magical place. i know i should be in awe of the architecture and the bridge, and i am.. but that spiral stairway has got me swooning.
    i like grabbing bookmarks too. : )

    and i always say, what makes a good photographer is knowing when to put down the camera and enjoy the moment yourself. good for you.

    be safe, friend!

  22. oooh myyyy looks like you are having an amazing time, enjoy!