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25 Aug 2011

smile {pin}

You know it's hot when even turning a page brings on a light sweat. 45C (113F) my friends! After 12 Summers in England, there's no complaining from me.

Ice-cream helps.

A lot.

A lot of ice-cream helps a lot. Either way.

The delectable LB is hosting a new party at her sweet place for all you Pinterest fanatics. This week's theme is smile.

Meet Jim, Jimi, Janis, and Robert.
Do you have any idea how few photos there are of Jim smilin'?


  1. 45°C?!! Send at least 5 to Antwerp to lessen your burden!

  2. I agree about the ice cream, it does help. thanks for the heads up about the pinterest party! that if awesome and yes! I will participate and exploit it for others to join in, too.

    Love me some Jim Morrison! have since I was 14!!
    Have a great day

  3. I don't think I've ever complained about the heat - LOVE it! Ice cream is good any time of year, imo.

    Love your collage!!! They're all on my favorites list.

  4. Gosh, it's chilly here in Germany.
    I expected warm sun here on my holiday.
    Let's hope the sun comes out to play;-)

  5. Oh wow!!! That is too hot!!! Yes ice cream is perfect, especially that lovely bowl you had there :).

    Love the pins you picked, everyone is so beautiful when they smile :).
    xx oo

  6. yes, when i saw your picture of a smiling jim morrison, it took me a second to realize why it looked so familiar and yet so unfamiliar.
    i love ice cream.

  7. Beautiful, Beautiful Smiles!!! I love them! Jimi smilin' is my favorite, definitley repinning that one. Thanks for joining the party!

  8. the janis photo made me smile. hers is contagious. thanks for sharing.

  9. Its still 90 here.......I can imagine not may pictures of Jim smiling.

  10. great idea for a party; I’ll pretend i am there too :) :)
    xo sandra

  11. There is nothing quite like ice cream on a hot day...and that IS hot!!!

    Love these smiles...and you're right, I don't think I'd ever seen a smiling Jimi until I saw the one you posted!

  12. This summer has been dreadfully and relentlessly sweltering! I wish all the public school attending kiddos could get a 'summer do-over'! Between the heat & the wildfires burning half the time, they were ripped off! Hardly any outside time!!

    You're so right, Jim didn't smile often in the pictures. He was always all RAAWWWRRR Sexy Lion Rock Star. ;) Hah!

    Robert Plant smiled at the music festival this year, and he also commented about how the air reeked of marijuana. Hah! But, what can you expect at all Allman Bros concert?

  13. omg - reading that made me break into a sweat!!!
    I would die. D.I.E.
    Lovin the smiling pics...Janis looks sincerely happy there, not wasted happy, but truly happy.

  14. oh, how I love those pics, and how I'd love to meet them...

  15. I'm back in the 60's too.
    Are going Scarborough fair.
    If you go to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
    Bobby Magee.
    Hemp Jewelry
    A particular freedom.

    Good post.

  16. People are my favourite subjects in photography and these are wonderful Monica!

  17. In addition to Ice Cream - I've found that popsicles (the cheap kool-aid kind) also help a lot! I've gone through boxes and boxes of those :)

  18. some interesting msilies here. i smile with ice cream. always ; )

  19. great smile pics! wow jim! now I want oreo ice cream for some strange reason! ;)

  20. love the smiles, you are right there are very few of jim smiling...my word i have just realised i have loved him and janice for so long now...*counts the moons*...wahhh over thirty :O i feel old now ;)

  21. Wow, temps over the 100s? Not sure how well I'd take that...we're gearing up for the hurricane bearing down on the east coast of the US...

    That ice cream looks good enough to eat :)

  22. you are so right, there are barely any pictures of jim morrison smiling! i like his smile though :)

  23. The biggest thing I took away from this post? 113 F?! That's just madness!

  24. 113?! Holy cow. I hope you're in an ice bath, eating ice cream!