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6 Jul 2011

a creative meanderer

I dove into my zen mind and came up with - ah what the heck, so my art supplies aren't here, then enjoy what you do have, get stuck into reading Monica!
So devouring books I go..... (still on the chunky The Other Boleyn Girl)

It got me thinking about my past creative pursuits. My, erm, many creative pursuits.

The chief enemy of creativity is "good" sense.
Pablo Picasso

credit: me
prompt: in the garden

Creative type things I've; tried, dabbled in, dip in and out of over the years, still do, may return to without warning, or only tried at one time.... (highlighted are the main things that I do these days)

(I have a degree, back when humans used film and darkrooms)
art history
(same degree)
writing poetry
(even did it as a street poet whilst travelling Australia)
writing fiction
blog design
hemp weaving
(jewellery & dreamweavers)
herbal lotions & potions
amateur theatre
(even did a short stint in a drama school)
collage & mixed media
paper making
candle making
sound engineering
(did it for 3 musicals in highschool)
digital art
making rubber stamps
creative cooking & baking
garden design
interior design
(3/4 way into a diploma)
playing the saxophone
(never learnt well, still own it after 15 years!)
card making
mail art

I'm sure I've missed something.

Are you an endlessly inquisitive soul, or passionately focused?


  1. Snap, we share same pink highlights, very trendy!

  2. I am an endlessly inquisitive soul and would like to try all of the above.

  3. that's quite a list!
    I don't have any artistic diplomas but I have learned calligraphy and I simply need creativity in my life. Now I've turned to photography and I feel that I want to learn more about it.

  4. well, i'm sure you know my answer...LOL.

    yep...i'm a meanderer...a dabbler....a grazer....a creative butterfly flitting from blossom to blossom...*grin*


  5. Why does this list not surprise me :)? A degree in art history and photography? Wow :)!!! I've done maybe a fraction of what you have done. My husband, like you, was an intense creative from the start. He is not happy unless he is making, creating something. Me? I was creative as a child (as all children are--what's that other Picasso quote "Every child is an artist. The only problem is how to remain an artist".) There has always been writing and dance came and went over the years. But when I lost myself in pleasing others and becoming a robot in society, my creativity vanished. That changed when I started unschooling my kids :). No mistake that the closer we move to our soul the more creative we become. Now all I want to do is be creative, so how to fit it all in and still be a good mama is a constant balancing act. Which is why your "mindful mama" piece spoke to me soooo much.
    What is mail art? And I think one day I would like to try bellydancing and bookbinding. Learning to play an instrument (other than that dreadful flute I was forced to play in grade school) is on the list :).

  6. Oh yes me too! I've never listed it all like this but I feel it's a never-ending list because I like to try as much as I can creativly. Tahnks for sahring, I hope you get your art supplies soon! :)xx

  7. MJ, despite being a hippie/bohemian, I STILL managed to allow my creative soul to slip away, to become that robot in many ways. It really was a type of death for me.

    meanderer or focused, it just has to get done.

    welcome Jessie!

  8. Oh Mon, this post cracked me up! That's me in a nut-shell, though I don't think my list is quite as long...got to write it down to see.

  9. What an inspiring list! And it makes me feel good to know that others dabble in all sorts of creative pursuits too. I love doing anything artistic and creative -- I'll take whatever opportunity or medium I can get! I'm so glad you can do all these things.

  10. Whoa, what a list! I didn't even know book binding was an interest/hobby, but I think that's fascinating. This list of yours is inspiring.

    I would definitely consider myself more of an inquisitive soul. I tend to have a tough time with focus!

  11. I guess I fall more on the focused side...I have several interests that I devote myself to: books, music, baking are the top three. I still have my flute from high school, tho I haven't played it in years :)

  12. I love your list of creative pursuits. It's inspiring - and quite eclectic! As far as whether I'm endlessly inquisitive or passionately focused...can I say both? haha.

  13. Wow! This is an awesome list, Monica! You are awesome :) I have tried writing fiction, blogging and occasionally dabble with the mandolin at home. I need to really give it some affection sometime. I used to love sketching when I was in school and I still love it as a concept but haven't done it recently.

  14. What a fabulous list of exciting things. I have only tried a few, but I would try anything really. I have my preferences but I prefer to do a bit of this and a bit of that! It keeps it interesting! :)

  15. Oh my. I'm 43 years old. I didn't have kids until I was 35+. I have dabbled in everything. Audio Engineering. I had a recording studio. Singer. In a band. Painter. Writer. Poet. Spoken word. Film. Photography. Sculpture. Gardening. Cooking. Baking. Furniture painting. Glass etching. Pottery. Sewing. Knitting. Traveling. I could go on and on. Now I get to share all this with my boys. Love it.

  16. 'may return to without warning' -- love that!

    Nice photo for 52 photos project ....

    (I'm not at all passionately focused ... the more things to cloud my horizon, the better!)

  17. Love your photo!

    I am an endless inquisitive soul - I love to learn new things, but after some time, I move on to new ones. I have never made a list, great idea!

  18. A Creative Meanderer - I love it! I am realizing I cannot limit myself to any one thing, that my joy comes from experimentation and play and if I settle down, then I tend to get too serious. So I circle from thing to thing: for some reason, I am back into sewing? Totally NOT my strength but then that is where I can let go of perfectionism and just have fun.

    Curious to see some parallels ... I too have a degree in Art (photography way back when chemicals were the rage) and also Art History (my fall back - the defense of a fearful artist talking about art instead of making it). So yes, I am endlessly inquisitive which I attribute to my ayurvedic constitution: Vata (air) and Pitta (fire) ... I get things done, but I have to move constantly!
    xo Lis

  19. thank you for this... i'm constantly making lists of what i love/who i think i am/dreams/hobbies. it helps me remember, on those days when you feel like you're not anything, that you are and you'll find them again.

  20. I love this post!!

    I've tried/still working on about 3/4 of your list, plus a few different ones (I love to sew - just finished indigo tie-dying old sheets for a tent for the kids!) The sax - I played alto for 6 years! Belly dancing has been on my list of things to learn for a while, now.

  21. What a list! I do have that hankering... but I can't say my list is so complete! I do really miss late nights spent creating somethings though. Now it's pretty much just my blog, and that has been going too much by the wayside. Aside from that, I feel myself desperately groping for a way to fit everything in... that good ole balance..

  22. Ok, so I loved this so much I made my own list


  23. it's only ever been writing for me and recently photography. otherwise my explorations are more mind centered and less hand centered. my hands are a little bit like the Swedish Chef's off the Muppets. ever see that? i don't think they are wired to my mind.


  24. a fun post--you are an explorer! love the photo.

  25. I'm seasonal. Is that an answer? LOL I tend to practice different interests and hobbies depending on the season/weather. For example, I scrapbook and make cards more in the winter time and hike and go cycling during warm months. The three constants though are photography, blogging and reading.

  26. Oh I am loving these glimpses into your aliveness. Wonderful list of creative endeavors.
    Now I am interested in all of your other interests, such as astrology and presumably so much more.
    Beautiful photo.

  27. that sounds so familiar. I've tried many things. often I wish I was more focused because I believe with enough dedication you can make it far. but it is simply against my nature to go for one thing only. I guess I have to find something that combines it all :)

  28. Amanda, wow, you must be pretty nifty on the sax then.

    heather, oh, i never attempt to fit it all in, not with a little one running about, lol, a little here and there keeps the muses happy.

    erin, that's too funny. yes, i know the chef.

    good to see you Sylvia!

    Petra, yes, going against our nature just makes us miserable in the long run.

  29. I think your list could easily be my list minus the arts degree and plus a few other nefarious 'jobs'. A (very) curious Kat am I.

  30. Simply beautiful. I really like the depth of this photograph and how you have made the flowers look like hundreds of twinkling lights.

  31. I am definitley endlessly inquisitive. I am a jack of all trades and master of none. I don't remember where I heard that, but it always stuck with me because that's what I feel like. I think it's a great thing, though. It's called LIVING! I love the quote. Picasso holds my attention like few others. And your photo, oh it makes me want to take a nap, a really long wonderful nap.

  32. and this is why i like you... create create create. what would we be?! =)

  33. endlessy inquisitive for sure! sometimes it works against me when i have too many irons in the fire, but if i couldn't create, i'd be lost.

    + what a great, compiled list you have- the darkroom comment totally made me chuckle. in some ways i get strangely nostalgic for those pre-digital days. the chemicals sure were stinky, but developing photos really was an art!

  34. I'm like you. I could make an endless list I'm sure. And of course I keep all my supplies, just in case I ever get back to it. My top outlets currently are writing and photography...I don't think those will ever go away. I kinda want to make my own list now.

  35. Hi! I've been going through your blog, it's great, I felt very pleased with the stuff I found, it's like we share a lot. Many greetings from Argentina.

    PS I almost share everything on your list except for acting, writing fiction and playing the saxo, but I'd love to! I would add to my list windsurfing, embridering and gliding.