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25 Jul 2011

5x5 {films}

I could lick the screen and do without food for the rest of the day.
did I say that out loud?

wish I knew the photographers to give proper credit

My actor crushes seem to range (according to general consensus) from, like, duh, to, seriously?
They have to combine looks with talent. But with me, it's more about an essence than looks.

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I'm choosing the 5 films by favourite leading men theme.

Fiennes in Onegin
Sublime photography that, I feel, resembles a Caspar David Friedrich painting. Man he plays the restless melancholic aristocrat perfectly.

Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank
What can I say? I go for the offbeat, quirky, on the edge, but still kinda decent deep down, sorta guy.

Norton in The Painted Veil
I didn't love this film, although it grew on me. But there is one scene, where his wife and he have returned home and the sexuality and love in the air sizzles, we wait and wait, and then he crosses the room and takes her. The passion floors me (helped by it being Norton). It's an earthy, unromantic, we've been through shit, I've come close to hating you, but I need you, sort of passion.

Depp in Secret Window
It's about writing, he looks so delish, there are twists, secrets, and weirdness. Not a great film but Depp keeps us intrigued with his usual excellent performance. And nobody does sexy specs like Depp.

McQueen in The Great Escape
About as ungirly a film as you could ask for. It's a fave of mine. Great film, brilliant performances. McQueen is the epitome of cool in my opinion. Here he plays the rebel, need I explain more?

So do any of these, guys or films, appeal to you, have you seen the films?


  1. Nice choices! I love Edward Norton. That level of talent is just so attractive. (And obviously it helps that he's hot!) :)

  2. Oh, I do so get your crushes *grin*. I've seen all those films and have slightly hyperventilated at the sight of all these men playing those roles. We must have similar taste in actors. I even went for Fiennes in Onegin (yes - exquisite film!), even though he doesn't usually do it for me.

    I'm feeling slightly dizzy thinking about all this. heheh...

  3. you made lough with your opening line! thank you dear : )

  4. Yes! Oh lady you have good taste!
    The Painted Veil is one of my all
    time favorite movies. And Mr. Depp,
    what more can you say about this
    man? He's simply a jewel. ;D

  5. Yum, yum is all I can say! I love Depp and Fiennes. I haven't seen those movies, I will need to get some of them out.

  6. Mmmm, what a great way to wake up this morning to see these fine faces!!!
    especially Depp and Fiennes. Have seen all the films except Onegin. Great Escape holds a special spot for me :).  I would add Ryan Gosling and "The Notebook" . And though he appeals less to me lately, I would add Brad Pitt and "Meet Joe Black".

  7. yes you said that out loud!
    yes depp-i love him in 'chocolat' so much...errrr viggo mortensen as aragorn *sigh*

  8. i was gonna disagree but, my god, those white undershirts get me panting.

    (loosening collar...)


  9. Ralph Fiennes and Johnny Depp are among the best actors of out times in my opinion. And Steve McQueen was so charming. Great post! :)

  10. i can't pick just one... is that ok?
    love this post, fabulous talent here...

  11. hahahaha those opening lines.. yesss!
    'very' nice choices..the men :D

    i'm the same..its more about an essence than looks.. the character they portray rather than the actor themselves.

    great films too, although i havent seen 'the painted veil'. loved the illusionist, and fight club.

  12. oh ralph fiennes... and edward norton... that one scene in "the painted veil" certainly does sizzle with sexual tension! i love that movie. and not just because of him, obviously, but the location is amazing and so is the acting. i just really really loved the story, even though it ended sadly.

  13. Yummy. I love Johnny Depp in anything - and I LOVED Secret Window. Edward Norton is also a favorite actor of mine - though I have never seen The Painted Veil - I suppose I should now. John Cusack is always a great choice - in anything. 1408 & Identity are my faves with him. Great choices!

  14. Total agreement on Fiennes and Depp. The Great Escape is one of my all-time faves (got to love it watching with my Dad!) - watch it every time it's on and love Steve McQueen.

  15. You've read my mind, once again, Monica. I've been dreaming up a new board (for my Pinterest) and many of these beautes will grace it. I will take Mr. Depp in any way, shape, or form he comes in. He is truly A specimen. ahhhhh. Mr. Norton's mystery and sly smile always captivates me and Mr. Fiennes should just change his name to Mr. Fines. <3

  16. definitely recommend The Painted Veil if you're a Norton fan.

  17. Good Gawd!!!! Johnny Depp - I have a picture file on my computer of just him (shhhh - Hubs doesn't know!!) Ralph Fiennes - yes please!! Edward Norton - mmmmm.

    Of course, their exquisite talents only add to their beauty.

    Another one of my favorties is Matt Damon, ever since I saw him in Good Will Hunting. And I could watch the Bourne series all day.

    Now I'm all giddy! Lick the screen - I agree completely!

  18. You come up with the greatest memes! I'm adding this to my side bar. :)

  19. answer "D - all of the above"! esp Fiennes and Cusack...... haven't see "the window" but i like Depp.

  20. Haha! Lick the screen. I too have a thing for Cusack :) xo

  21. OMG my fav leading men!!! Thanks for the eye candy!

  22. We have the same taste....I have to run back to answering emails in a nutty coffee shop but I thank you so much for visiting me this last week. I will definitely be back, Monica.


    Susan (Giulia is the cat...long story)

  23. Uh, I like this post! Excellent taste, they're all super sexy!

    Camila Faria

  24. Love that opening line. Way to make me chuckle!

    I saw you'd added Fiennes to pinterest and was going to comment, but got side-tracked (easy when you have that staring at ya!). Love all of these men, and have seen and loved most of the films. Great choices!

  25. I haven't seen the first two... and will now... but all the others were definite yeses for me.

  26. oooh, good point about Depp rocking the sexy specs! too true.

    and your description of the scene in "The Painted Veil" is giving me shivers!

  27. oooh lala, definately Johnny Depp...my all time favourite. I love him in Whats Eating Gibert Grape!

  28. Wow, we are soul sisters in the man department. Adore all of those actors, and all of those movies. And yep, the Norton scene in Painted Veil is one of the most un-stereotypial erotic scenes in recent history. Brilliant. Ralph Fiennes is just the ultimate brooding sex symbol ~ if you haven't seen him and Juliette Binoche in Wuthering Heights yet, you must. Thanks for giving me something to dream about tonight. :)

  29. welcome Susan!

    Yes, I've seen that one Barbara! Not my favourite version but LOVED him in it.

  30. Oh, Cusack...so charming :) And Depp...HOT, HOT, HOT {in looks, brains & talent...he's got it all!}. The one addition I would make here is Ryan Gosling...his role in Lars & the Real Girl made me fall head over heels for him! xoxoxo brynn

  31. I am so with you. Those are some handsome men. John Cusack has always been a particular favorite. And I have others on my list that aren't on yours.

  32. I saw the Painted Veil ... love the guys. Too bad they don't have "brothers" in real life :)

  33. An excellent collection of men. ;) I saw him in Secret Window and agree not great. I loved Chocolate.

    Has anyone seen "The Horseman on the Roof"? Juliet Binoche and Oliver Martinez. It is incredibly romantic, but in the best possible way. It has adventure, danger, beautiful cinematography of Italian and French countryside, beautiful horses in short I loved it.

  34. welcome Pattio!
    I haven't seen that one, will keep an eye out for it, thanks.

  35. Um...where's Jude Law?

    Love Depp in Secret Window. Drool.