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3 Jun 2011

snip, snippets

ca·pri·cious adj. Characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable.


Our flights are booked... we'll be in England last week of June for just over 3 weeks. Woohoo!


To me, clothes like this dress is art.


An award from Brynn. Thanks darlin'. I don't pass on awards, sorry, but will play along with the 7 random things about me.

7 things

  1. At 40 yrs of age, I'm still not entirely sure what a salad spinner does, but it sounds like a rather eccentric thing to do to a vegetable. Not judging, just sayin'.
  2. I'm not a big music person, but I'm a dancer. A groovy rhythm or beat will always get my hips jiggling. In my clubbing days I would dance all night. I bellydance from time to time. I like to boogie while I cook. If this song comes on, get out of my way... or join me!
  3. No matter how funny the joke, I'll never remember it.
  4. There was a time I might have stabbed you a little if you told me I couldn't eat pasta for a few days. Now (low-carber and mostly grain free) I never even think of it.
  5. If the Mr allowed it, I would take every stray animal home.
  6. My bluntness is almost always mistaken for coldness. The open-hearted see my deep compassion. If you're one of them, thanks!
  7. I'm not a 'stuff' sort of person, but I can never seem to have enough bags, hats, or books. It's very strange.


If you're struggling commenting on Blogger, try downloading firefox or chrome, I heard on the grapevine it was an IE issue. I always use firefox and haven't had these issues.


Started reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close last night and not at all what I expected.


Adore this man's work.


Remember the travel book shop from the movie “Notting Hill”,
well if you have a spare bob or two, it's up for sale.


I have no plans or specific motivations for the weekend. So it'll be fun to see what it holds for us.
Have a good one!


  1. Oh, Monica!!!

    1. England!! I'm so envious! I haven't been to England in 16 years, and I so badly want to go back.

    2. Time of My Life - I was just singing this song to my kids while dancing last night. Admittedly getting some strange looks.

    3. One can never have too many books.

    Have a wonderfully spontaneous weekend. :)

  2. England for three weeks -- oh, I wish I were going too!

    And I love your list of seven things. I'm with you on the dancing part!

  3. Loved reading your 7 things :). I totally agree with you on the art of clothing design and the one you picked is gorgeous :).

  4. anything that seems to have come from the inside seems like art to me. which makes me laugh for trees and rivers and rock often seem like art to me. just how does that work?

    three weeks in England...ohhhhh.

    always good to know more of you.


  5. I've had trouble leaving a comment! Hope this one gets through :) You do sound a little bit like me...I never remember jokes! The sun has started shining for you here in merry England - hope you have a lovely stay. :)xx

  6. That is a good list, fun to know more about you ;-)

    Because you're going to London you might want to check out the Dirty Dancing musical. In the role of Johnny is our old landlord from Canada, a fabulous dancer whose name is also Johnny: http://www.dirtydancinglondon.com/

    No one puts baby in the corner!

  7. good to see you made it Jessie!

    ooh, sounds fun, but not London this Lisa, just middle England.

  8. I too used to live off of pasta and now no longer eat gluten. funny how that happens. and number 2-6 are all sort of me too. you might just be my blog twin :)

  9. that dress: have to admit I'm sitting here with my mouth open imagining the construction involved in making the thing. It hurts my brain to think about it...art? Absolutely!

  10. Thanks for the insight on blogger comments. I've been getting stuck there lately. Loving the list and your capricious nature. Terah

  11. excellent on the pasta-free Phoenix!

  12. England - how fun! I´ll go there one day too..!

    Magnificent art by Bradley, love it! :-)

  13. Haha - well now when I´ve thought about it I think your mister is right. Thirty it is! :-D

  14. Loved reading your 7 things.
    I use my salad spinner all the time -- I have this thing about wet lettuce --
    I also consider myself a minimalist when it comes to possessions -- am constantly weeding things out, much to my husband the packrat's annoyance -- but like you, I don't seem to have that instinct when it comes to books and totebags; both of my collections are spread out all over the house :)

  15. Monica, thank you so much for sharing your 7 things :) You just made my morning a little brighter here!
    1 - Love the dancing thing...I can totally relate... and 'time of your life'??? i would join you any day!
    2 - I appreciate your bluntness all of the time! Isn't it funny how it is even noticed just through writing?!
    xoxoxo brynn

  16. What DOES a salad spinner actually achieve? It never gets all the water out, it's not good a dispersing dressing. Hm?