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8 Jun 2011

{smell} which soceity scent are you?

Are you the scent of...

Chelsea Garden Club
Brighton Librarians League
Park Lane Horticulturists
St Johns Court of Croquet

Find your scent around the compass.

I'd like to be in league with librarians, but according to my preferred scents, I would be up for a spot of Croquet or visiting Chelsea. I say!

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  1. Love the idea of "Joy Pockets"! Looking forward to joining. One of the reasons I love photography (even though I'm an amateur) is it gets you to look at your surroundings in a new light - always seeing beauty for a possible photo where other people just cast a glance. I think this might work the same way - always being aware of your surroundings so you never miss the beautiful moments.

  2. Well now. I am pretty stingy with visits and follows, but i did have to stalk over here after reading your comment on Mel's blog today.

    beats me what the hell is up with me but i stalked right over here.

    now, missus... i have a thing with scents. i totally have my "kind" of scent, which to me is deeply personal. I mean, i think it actually STinks on other people. Actually, i think i am just weird about scent. Like, i have dreads and I do not wash them - period, and i love the way they smell.

    i can Not believe i just wrote that on your blog.

    there. you got a taste of the real amy tonight. sorry for that, i'm a grody one.


  3. Amanda, that's the best bit about photography, along with amazing perfect photos, intimate imperfect snaps of life are what photography is all about.

    welcome Amy, always happy to be stalked.... mostly.
    well, i think it's marvelous that you smell how you want to smell and not how you're supposed to smell by society's standards, which as we both know is probably not unwashed-dread scent. we do enough for others as it is.

  4. heheh...cute. I'd be up for the St Johns Court of Croquet...spot of tea anyone?

  5. i'm sure the garden one smells nice yeah? those have cool packaging, very prettyyyy!

  6. this is cooli am clicking your links ;-)

  7. ooo thats fancy I think I am a park lane horticulturist (mouth full) :)