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13 Jun 2011

my {dream} boho beach

Hey everyone, hope your weekends were fun, productive, or relaxing.
After painting our toenails and donning our sandals, the sun seems to have vanished for many of us. This is my attempt to entice it back, or just wishful thinking.... either way....

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
Sam Keen

When I was 18 I would smother myself in baby oil and lay topless in the scorching Australian sun for hours..... because I was ignorant of wrinkles and skin cancer and, well, 18. The nights were spent with reggae and bongos and making new friends and dancing around bonfires.

But these days, the beach means, recharging from the inside out with the scent and sound of waves, watching Miss 3 splash with the Mr as I lounge in partial shade with a book, swathed in a sarong or kaftan, sunglasses, and a big floppy hat (for which I'm still on the look-out after the demise of that last one). Later to sip a fruity herbal tea and people watch.

My ideal would include a change into something floaty & chunky turquoise beads, cushions, tapas, the tourists leaving for the day, laughter with friends lasting into the night, tealights, rekindled romance,

 {via} {unknown}

watching the sunset with a vodka-on-ice in hand,  a stranger turning up to strum his guitar, or Santana softly playing in the background (live of course, well, it is my dream scenario).....

Sun is shining. Weather is sweet.
Make you wanna move your dancing feet.
Bob Marley

What does your dream Summer day include?


  1. Your description of a perfect beach summer day sounds very familiar, sigh.. what an delicious daydream;) Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment, I really appreciate it. Your newest follower!

  2. The beach was always such a treat for us as were from the country. As I get older I find nothing more relaxing then being by the beach with a glass of wine and listening to the waves.

  3. When my husband and I were young and without responsibilities, we lived in Florida for two years. Every free moment was spent at the beach, he surf fishing and I sitting in my beach chair reading a book with the waves lapping at my feet. A dream life turned to reality! I so miss those days of living on the beach!

    The first photo and chunky turquoise jewelry...sigh!

  4. Well I would not mind what was going on in the last picture. That looks like a heavenly place with great company. Ahhhh Summer!!

  5. dream summer day is late afternoon sitting on my porch - watching the wind gently moving through the trees - while i try not to get bitten to death by mossies.

  6. welcome Christel!

    oh Clare, lol, i'm afraid mossies are a problem here in some places. not the beach though fortunately!

  7. You pretty much said all here...ahhh summer time!
    love this breezy post today soooooo much1

  8. I love that Moroccan/Turkish inspired table spread!

  9. raspberry stained lips, half spilled buckets, a pie to come, my children happy, bare feet, and a naked swim. oh, and then a breeze.


  10. my dream summer day : R and the kids by the lakeside, with strawberries and laughter, warm sun, a little breeze and a bright Norwegian evening following with exhausted happy children in their beds and some white wine for us at our porch : )

  11. anything as long as I am barefooted sweet music is playing and the warm sun is shining is perfect for me.

  12. ah, half spilled buckets, exhausted happy children, and absolutely bare feet!

  13. Your dream beach sounds absolutely wonderful! I want to go there! The last picture is just amazing

  14. Oh, that summer day sounds perfect for me! Can I go along?

    Camila F.

  15. oo i love that bazaar style image. That would be perfect!!

    So glad I found your blog!



  16. Such a fun game for a Monday afternoon! Mine would include ice coffee in the morning, a picnic in the park followed by pleasure reading all afternoon. Then a fruity cocktail and a fancy dinner out!

  17. oh my. summer...iced coffee. breezy and beautifully sunny beach time with friends (and bubble tea). a light and yummy dinner (you know how the sun can make you feel beat? well, it makes me hungry but not hungry for something super hearty. so, maybe thin crust pizza and a salad with balsamic). then!! a movie! at the theatre! with ice cream!

    food is always one of my highlights....oh dear.

    now i'm dreaming of having less responsibility and more money!

  18. iced coffee has been on my list just this past week.

  19. the Sam Keen quote makes me smile. It's so true, I consider laying still in the sun a full time summer responsibility.

    I see you are currently reading Siddhartha. I think that's the first book I really fell in love with (after Harry Potter, of course)

  20. Sounds wonderful... I was right there with you!

    My dream summer is coming - a beautiful island getaway right here in Ontario. The same location where my husband and I were married - white sand, clear-blue water, no electricity. Just the sand and the trees and the waves. We'll be spending 10 days there in July - I've been dreaming about it for months.

  21. A beach, endless coconut water, fun people, good food and tons of laughter!

    And, of course, your beach day sounds perfect as well!

    Following you now through bloglovin! :)

  22. Mine would include a whole lot of reading -- preferably under an umbrella or some other bit of shade. I learned early that when the sun touches my skin, I pretty much burn. And of course, there would be several delicious meals and time spent with family and friends. And maybe even a bit bonfire at the end of the day.

  23. Wow, sounds like 18 was fun for you!

    I always figured my ideal day would be spend hiking leisurely in the woods with my camera...however, your scenario sounds even better! lol Do let me know when you've found a good floppy hat...I have one but it's actually too floppy.

    Well, as long as we are talking about DREAM summer days, I might as well imagine myself in a 10 acre backyard in the country. Sitting under a shade tree with homemade lemonade, perhaps alternating between reading/day dreaming/napping/watching little boy play/socializing with a good friend (I like a little bit of everything). A leisurely walk in nearby woods, picking berries and eating them, hubby cooking up bbq chicken, some good friends over for dinner, and of course the weather being perfect for being outside the entire day.

  24. the pics are beautiful and the quote is really what makes a perfect summer :)

    a dream summer could be just popping in to the woodstock festival and listening to Jimi, sitting naked on the gras and have a drink ;)

  25. Apparently, we are sisters from another mister! ;) When I was younger, I refused the sunscreen and summers were spent with out a care in the world. Now when we head down to the beach, I honestly feel like we are taking the entire house with us. Craziness, I tell ya. ;) But I wouldn't change it for the world. On the other hand, I think we both deserve a bohemian beach party! xo Samantha

  26. My summer day dream has rays of sun that peak through hovers of shade made by large banana leaves. Few people, lots of quiet, with only the water crashing on the shore. Breathtaking views, a cool respite breeze, endless reading and my happy husband sleeping soundly by my side. A cottage on the beach with long hiking trails behind, and the most exotic (friendly) animals within a few steps reach. Is this too much to ask??

  27. i grew up in california~ so you just described my perfect summer day!! :) music by guitar, ice cold drink in hand + sand between my toes...(and maybe a surfboard or bodyboard if i'm feeling adventurous).

    lovely photos too! i especially love the last one! :)

  28. The sound of waves, the sun, a blue sky with puffy clouds, and children's laughter.


    a porch swing a glass of lemonade,and a good book and the breeze in the trees.