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4 Jun 2011

Comfort {body-nourishing} Food

The day began softly with sunshine and solitude. Little Miss 3 brought herself down 1/2hr later and we settled down to breakfast. In my attempts to eat more paleo and be kind to my crazy gut, I have had to say no to most fruit, except berries. It occurred to me yesterday that baked or stewed fruit would work! A happy Monica, because I do like fruit, and I prefer cooked and warming foods anyway, so win win.

After my breakfast of a stewed apple in butter, kissed with cinnamon, hugged with a dash of heavy cream.....

I set about making the next batch of my bread.

The only tweaks I made to Elena's recipe are beating the eggs until tripled in volume, as this helps the 'rise' I think. And I used crushed Splenda minis instead of agave. The nuts were blanched and then soaked overnight to remove the phytates (as suggested in Nourishing Traditions). I made the last batch with unblanched nuts, bit like a wholewheat bread, but got a bit tired of the strong taste.

I'm the only one who eats this so I freeze my sliced loaf and take out slices as needed.
Tip: use an electric bread knife for even and thin slices.

While my bread cooled I made some meatballs, which I'm usually too lazy to make - the well-intended  mixture turning into just one big meat sauce for pasta or something.

I combined two recipes from Everyday Paleo for my own version.

2 lbs/1kg minced meat
2 eggs
1 medium sliced and chopped zucchini/courgette
2 diced red peppers
1 diced onion
couple cloves of crushed garlic
1/4 cup almond flour
roasted and ground cumin, oregano, paprika, salt, pepper, chilli to taste

I sautéed up my veg first. I just felt I had better control over the taste. Let it cool then added it to the mince along with the eggs and flour. Mixed it all up, made up some balls, baked covered in pierced foil for 40mins @ 375F/190C.

Tip: if you'd rather skip the eggs, use fattier meat and leave in the fridge before baking, as they will hold together better.

ouch, hot from the oven.

We'll have some tonight, I'm thinking resting on some sautéed spinach and smothered in a simple Italian sauce. Then I'll freeze some to thaw out and warm up for my lunches.

For dessert, I'm thinking some stewed strawberries with vanilla and balsamic vinegar, slurped over with just a dash of cream.

Yup, a foodie-nurturing Saturday....


  1. Yum! it all looks and sounds delish! *slather, drool*

  2. Hmmm....we're also gluten free in this household (the stuff clashes with my thyroid). I've tried Elenas's recipe and found the bread to be tremendously dense. I'm going to try your extra fluffy egg trick this morning, before the day warms too much to bake.

  3. Keeping in mind that nuts are dense by nature, so nut breads are heavy.... you could add another egg, or 2 egg whites, and beat as I suggested. you will start to move towards something more cakey, but you might prefer the texture.

  4. Love those kinds of substantial breads and the meatballs looks amazing

  5. OH my goodness. I just had a hearty breakfast. you make me want to eat again :)

  6. Drooling on the keyboard :)

  7. this all looks so good. Believe or not, I've never made meatballs myself but I know my kids and hubby will love these.

  8. Yum yum and more YUM! I loved fruit, stewed or not. Stewed I could eat right now!xx

  9. oh that looks so good...i think i'm going to make some zuchinni bars in a sec!

  10. Hi Monica, thanks for your visit! The bread looks yummy and the meatballs look so delicious! Enjoy! Wini xo

  11. My mouth is watering with all the delicious food you just mentioned! And yumm that dessert sounds heavenly!

  12. Ok, now I´m drooling - looks yummy indeed! :-)

  13. Hey, Mon! We've been eating primal for just a little over a month and are sooo loving it. Took me a bit longer to clear out the sugar, though, because I was a coffee fiend...suffering...and craving...wanting...okay, snap out of it! ;) Everything else seems so natural and fulfilling. I am loving and look forward to food now, more than I ever did. I won't keep going on like a crazed maniac, but it is so wonderful, (don't you think?) when you find where your own well-being lies. Thanks for sharing the recipes!

  14. I have never made bread but I really want to.

  15. Wow, that looks so delightfully nourishing...
    Thanks for visiting my blog, will be back!

  16. welcome Lindsay, Maddie, and Pink Ronni!

    Jennell that's so fabulous that it's working for you!
    sugar IS tough to break, for me it was bread and pasta.

  17. Mmmm...everything looks and smells so deeeeelicious!!!!! you are making me hungry for meatballs (and it is 7:30 am here!)

  18. This looks so good! I'm definitely trying this!