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23 May 2011

weekend snaps...

Saturday was all about house pottering about.
white-washed shelves for the studio
yes, it's slowly coming alive again!

The Mr hung our 14yr-old honeymoon Bedouin rug

and new hallway lamps

the shelves were put up
what a difference a little organisation makes in a chaotic studio

on a hot and sticky Sunday...
chicken alfredo by the seaside.
ah, pasta my old friend, you caught me.

Mr had a coffee, I stole that little italian biscuit that comes with it.
Monica 0 - Carbs 100. 
Carbs win.

Tell me about your weekend.

And if you did a mostly photos post of your weekend, I'll add your link in here.


  1. Ooh! Sounds like a nice, productive
    weekend! Wish I had had more done.
    The pasta looks DELISH!
    Btw, thanks for stoppin' by. :D

  2. really beautiful, I love the colours of the rug and the lamps are so cute!

  3. Your photo makes the act of painting look like a beautiful thing. Oh, that rug! Be still my heart! Absolutely stunning!

  4. mmmm...looks bliss-full -- LURVE that rug..{covets}

    shelves and boxies...FAB!!

    ah - we claimed "out" as our theme for the weekend....lovely sunshine at last meant lots of park, bike rides, trip to the pet store for two fish to add to our tank....

    oh, and ice cream.


  5. thank you for stopping by my blog :) Love your weekend shots....
    My weekend was fun! we ran and took a swim at the beach... wishing you a great week ahead...

  6. My weekend was activity packed - just how we like it!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's always nice to meet a fellow nomad!

  7. Looks like you had an interesting weekend! Beautiful pictures!

  8. You made some lovely additions to your decor...and that pasta is calling my name :)

  9. Haha, carbs won here too! ;-) That rug is beautiful and I'm sure it looks brilliant against a white wall... Have a great week xo

  10. It's hard to fight against the carbs. I lost to them too this weekend. It's fantastic you got so much done around the house this weekend. Doesn't that always feel so good?

  11. carbs win, hahahahaha - good one ;-)

    Your weekends sound wonderful. I did some organizing yesterday and I love it; it honestly lifts the spirit and rests the mind.

  12. i love these photos!!! looks like a very enjoyable weekend, indeed :)

  13. Just reminds me I have to find time one weekend to shape up my house... but this weekend PARIS!!!

  14. Carbs always kick my ass! We don't even keep score anymore.
    And cheers to organizing chaos :-)

  15. this sounds like the perfect weekend! i love rug and lamps, and of course the storage boxes :)

  16. oh god...that rug...drool!
    i love paintbrush potterings :-) creates such nice feelings of satisfaction.

    we've had a torrential weekend here..crazy winds and waters, a great excuse for afternoons snuggled together on the sofa watching films.

  17. Oh my that pasta, made me a wee bit hungry :) I am browsing through your blog and I think it is fantastic. I , too love to roam so far, I only have 19 countries with me. You should go to Turkey. :)