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16 May 2011

weekend snaps...

Budva (Madonna played here in 2008 but little Miss was only 18mths old and I one tired mama).
Strolled the promenade. Visited the teeny historic town. Took a retreat in the citadel's library - the refreshing coolness of stone and the magic of oh books and books.


Chomped kebabs wrapped in freshly made flat bread. Slurped gelato style ice cream in sweet waffle cones. Drank tea and latte while Miss 3 played. Oh, and I left the camera in the car....

I did remember to buy postcards for my postcard swap buddies.

Awake at 4am, I read a little more Thomas Hardy.
(tired) question: why do some birds sing at night?

Made some hazelnut spread.
Hazelnuts, cocoa powder, sweetener, nothing else. Delish.

On Summer-is-oh-so-here Sunday we skyped the in-laws in UK 
from the hotspot in town.

A stroll through a still quiet town centre.
yeah ok, one shot. now give me back my Canonbaby.

Finish with a cranberry tea by the seaside.

So how was your weekend?

p.s, if you do a weekend wrap-up type post of mostly photos, let me know and I'll add your link into this post! I might add a linky next time.

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  1. Your hazlenut spread sounds divine! Your mug of tea is so pretty.

  2. What a fantastic location! Beautiful weekend indeed!

    A link to my weekend in photos:

    Hope your week is as peaceful as your weekend was.

  3. It looks like you've had a fantastic weekend. And I love your blog!

  4. your weekend sounds absolutely lovely! and very scenic :)

    thanks for visiting my blog - i replied to you in my comments.

  5. Hi Monica, thanks for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it. That piece of wood is actually a vintage shoe shape (I think that's what it's called)that was used for making made-to-measure shoes.

    Your photos are beautiful and your weekend certainly looks great. Love from London xo

  6. this looks like quite a perfect weekend :) ...and this is such a lovely blog you have here! thanks for stopping by my world & saying hello :)
    here is a link to my 'here's to a fabulous weekend!' post...
    have a lovely day!

  7. Fun weekend! Mine wasn't enywhere close to this. for one thing, the weather is cold and it is raining non-stop since Friday evening. Plus I am up to my ears in prepping the place where I will be moving in July. Not too much time left for fun things ...I replied to your question in my post. Take care!

  8. what a beautiful + delicious weekend!

    wandering, books, sunshine, food...amazing.

    so lovely.

  9. I think chocolate hazelnut spread makes a weekend. Just incredible. So glad you had a wonderful one!

  10. Beautiful weekend! I'd love to be where you are in the world right now.

  11. Thank you for commenting on my blog!! I adore yours! Your lifestyle sounds beautiful!

    I like the sounds of that hazelnut spread. And the recipe you have from a while back for coconut pancakes also sounds delish, I think I will try!

    I also like the sounds of this postcard swap group. Great idea! Do you do much travelling?

  12. welcome lovely people!

    Brandi, not sure if it's a little sad that the spread was almost the highlight for me. lol

  13. Mon, you have beautiful hair!
    am laughing at the caption 'now give me back my cannonbaby' :) sounds familiar!