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17 Jan 2011

Daughter of Fortune

Allende gave me a sensual feast of sights and sounds, and most of all of smell and touch. The smells of the kitchen and sea port, the feel of lost virginity and itinerant beds, the sights of burgeoning towns and a lover's letters.

Daughter of Fortune is an epic spanning generations, a few continents, and several lives.

While it's a romance-adventure, the descriptions of love and sex left me a little cold. 

What makes the novel successful in my eyes is that Allende offers readers the notion that even the most captive of us is capable of breaking free.... with the right motivation. Tradition, etiquette, claustrophobic classes, social norms, are all crushed underfoot. I like that.

I enjoyed seeing Eliza's initial romantic motivation for leaving her homeland dissolve into a quest to emerge her whole self.

Allende isn't as brilliant as many tout her to be, but she knows how to express a woman's heart and to deliver it in a good tale.

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  1. I visited San Fran for the first time last year and have wanted to read this ever since. I'll keep my expectations in check though.