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24 Jan 2011

: city trips :

Well I never got a chance to play with the new camera... so still with the point-n-shoot!

We visited a fab Cathedral in Peterborough, where Katherine of Aragon happens to be buried.

Our Nottingham trip didn't include Sherwood Forest this time, much too cold for the little one. We window shopped, we charity shopped (thrift stores), and we enjoyed good coffee and muffins. It's been years since we last visited. We enjoyed just strolling the historical town.


  1. Hello, I enjoyed browsing here. I love the boho look, both to wear and in my home. Luckily, the shops in my town are full of luscious boho, ethnic and oriental goodies, with which to decorate.
    Best wishes from England

  2. Oh wow.. amazing pictures, specially the first one.. such a beautiful place!

    Peace & Love

  3. Your photos are lovely. I wonder sometimes about the American determination to tear down any building that is old. How will we ever get historical buildings? Then again, we aren't building with stone and gold.
    I hope you had a wonderful, safe trip. I enjoy your blog so much.