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31 Jan 2011

: boho buys :

My boho bag has served me well for many years, it was time to move on though. My perfect bag find was £102.... ahem.... so my 2nd find suited my needs (comfy + minimum 3 sections) and my pocket book.

I was determined not to leave England without one.

The shirt I found, on sale for under £20....

The suitcases are bursting (mostly with little-girl-stuff & books). This time next week we'll be cosying up back in our own home. It looked as if we missed the snow but Europe is getting another dose of it.

One more trip to the ethnic store for my Indian spices.....


  1. Your shirt is very pretty- and a steal, too. I'm on the hunt for a bad myself and I'm coming to the conclusion that it's going to cost me a little more than I would like for a durable bag that has enough spaces and is decent looking to boot. *sigh* Sometimes I go down the internet shopping rabbit hole and forget what I was even doing. Haha.

    The sun has come out in the pacific northwest and I am absolutely nutty with happiness. I could lay out in it all day.
    Enjoy the last of your vacation.

  2. LOVIN the bag! I wonder if I could make one!!

  3. Love the bag...don't all of us boho girls need a big, roomy bag?? I couldn't live without mine!

  4. I love your bag! In fact, I've a soft spot for anything boho. Happy valentine's!

  5. I'm a bit late to this, but I'm really diggin' all yer clobber there! The bag is fab. And I have a pattern for a top exactly like the one above I've been meaning to make for ages. You've inspired me to dig it out and get to it.