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5 Dec 2010

: viriditas :

Hildegard von Bingen formed a multi-concept using the term viriditas. A latin word that literally it means greeness. So simple, no? Others used the term before her, but Hildegard really gave it oomph. Not one to be confined by a term, she uses it in diverse ways.

She uses it to refer to the divine nature. She uses it to mean vitality, fertility, and fecundity, amongst others. It is the divine creative power through nature.

illustration from Scivias

The following is from Scivias. Beautiful.

Understanding corresponds to the greeness [viriditas] of the branches and leaves, will corresponds to the flowers and blossoms, feeling is like the first fruit sprouting forth, and intellect like the fully ripened fruit. Sense perception is like the height and breadth of the tree. Thus, the soul provides the inner solidity and strength of the body.

For Hildegard, there was a harmony of correspondence between the macrocosm and microcosm.

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  1. reading about this woman many years ago is what first drew me to explore homeopathy and energetic medicine. She perceived so many worlds, a fascinating mystical vision of life.