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6 Dec 2010

{boho} more books in a boho home

My favourite books in a boho interior shots are over here, but thought that I would share some more photos I've stumbled across.

and these are shots from around my own home...


  1. hehe...ok, here's my two bits, (for what it's worth).

    The first image is possibly most like my current set-up, the second would reduce me to a quivering mess of indecision and confusion.

    The third image is possibly most like how I lived for over a decade, whereas the 4th I simply covet in a "fuckoffgoawayI'mdrinkingredwineandreadinginmylibraryfortheforseeablefuture" kind of way.

    The 5th would turn me into some kind of scary recluse, (I mean, what reason would you have to EVER leave?), the 6th is cute but much too ladylike for me.

    The 7th image: give me stairs. Oh please give me stairs!

    The 8th is my absolute favourite. Beautiful, real, cosy. I'd be down on that floor in a flash. Very anti-social kind of visitor, me. Straight to the books. And right by the fire too.

  2. Great blog, great pictures, thanks for sharing. I am a follower; )

  3. A house full of books... deep blissful sigh. I am so happy there is not a 12 step program for my addiction to the printed format.