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3 Dec 2010

: fancy chocolate :

As a chocoholic, any festivities get me thinking of what yummies others will buy me or have available at their home when we visit, and what new gorgeousness I can treat my friends with.

The Chocolate Company produces the Hotchocspoon. They claim it's the iphone of chocolate. Whatever that means!

50grams of chocolate is melted down and then solidified with a wooden spoon inside for convenient stirring. You dip into into hot milk.
They come in over 50 varieties including; a whisky or amaretto shot, strawberry and pink peppercorn, brownie walnut bourbon vanilla (yes please!), white chocolate, an 85% dark chocolate, praline and nougart, and seaweed flavor (skip!).

They have shops in Amsterdam and Germany or you can buy online. We hope to pass through Maastricht next February... I know where I'll be popping in.

Le CarrĂ© des Chocolatiers make artisan delights. Their fragrant collection has nine in the series. The limited edition Summum Circus is a unique combination of curry and spices — from caraway to black mustard and fennel. Prefer the warm climes of the med? Then try the Mediterraneao, which boasts thyme, lavender, oregano, and aniseed.

What is it about chocolate that you like most?
- What I like is the music.
- What music is that ?
- It’s the music of desire. The music of colours, the music of perfumes. The music of plantations, of the jungle. The music of the earth, of leaves, of the sap rising. The music of the night, the music of flames and hot coals. The music of Africa. The music of the Mediterranean, of gardens in Provence. The music of love. The music of childhood, and the music of secrets.

And the packaging is pure design, looking more like art book covers than a chocolate box.

I spent 6 years as a vegan. While one no longer I still appreciate someone taking the trouble to make vegan recipes and foods. Luxury foods especially.

The groovy-named Welsh company Hipo Hyfryd (lovely hippo) make luxury vegan chocolates truffles. Truffles... mmm... the word sends shivers down my spine.

Flavours they offer include maple, rose petals, orange and lavender, as well as chilli, balsamic vinegar, cardamom and salt n pepper.


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