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11 Dec 2010

: authentic design/art :

If you make and show images with the intention of speaking the language of potential clients (and that is what most people do)…you will just end up looking like most people. You will wind up moving away from yourself.

“Yeah but I have to make money”.

And you may, for a while. However, your career will ultimately suffer.
And so will your heart.

The answer: Make work that is made entirely of… You.
Your life, and your passions.
The things that no one else can appropriate.

If you do that, (and get past your fears about whether it will work), you will have less, or even no competition. And that is always safer and more profitable than being part of the crowd.

The strongest part of you, is the honest you, and that remains true regardless of the economy, technology, or the weather report.

Allegra Wilde, photographer's consultant

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