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31 May 2011

{my art} fruitful emptiness

A battle with Time. 
Never enough of it. 
Snatching moments up, stealing seconds.
Always filled with anxiety at being caught, and having to give them all up.

the hours were nowhere to be found

I once thought that I needed more learning, more books, more experiences, more projects completed. I wanted no regrets.

And in that thinking, I was actually creating a regretful life, of always striving. Of filling and filling and ultimately never feeling the full beauty of the contents. Because the eyes are always on the horizon.

And when what we truly love is difficult to obtain, we reach for food, alcohol, more shoes, over-stimulation. Anything to fill and stump the fear of not enough.

In its emptiness is the function of a container.
Tao te Ching, chp11, line 4

We value accumulation. We have forgotten that, paradoxically, without emptiness much cannot have the room to be, to blossom, to reach depths of potential.

When I release over-thinking or accumulating, I'm emptying.

In doing so, I'm making space for the richness of wonderful things.


  1. "in its emptiness is the function of a container". Beautiful wisdom and simplicity.

    I think I'm finally growing up in this regard. Developing some humility, (and I think there is an element of humility - the "growing" of it), in regards to not always trying to do a million things and complete so many projects. It's challenging to be accepting of the present moment, to sink into it rather than rush through it, filling it up with goals.

    But it's so true - making space for the richness of life and all that life actually contains without our striving.

  2. Wise words, and so very true.

    I find that living in the city, it's harder to let go, to allow myself to be with that emptiness. I yearn for those times when I leave the city, my work, and technology behind. Although I love the city, I can feel my body - my chemistry - changing as I come back to it. We really need to make that space consciously.

  3. Wonderful post! I can recognize myself in the striving and then again I feel an intense guilt when I am not working hard enough:(

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  5. OMg, I love that last sentence! What a great post!

    Camila F.

  6. i love that composition - thank you for sharing.

  7. This post is beautifully inspiring, Monica. Three years ago our family encountered some serious trouble, hubby lost his job etc. etc. just as we welcomed our first daughter into the world. Learning to "cut the cloth" ended up being the best thing that ever happened to us and our family is better off for it now. We talk more, play more, use our imaginations. I love your philosophy on 'emptying' xx

  8. Dear Monica,
    Beautiful words and picture.
    When I read your first words I thought about the breathless moments of time I steal for myself when Leyla sleeps. There is an internal race against time happening and the constant fear that it won't be enough. It almost reminds me of scarcity of time that I solely create in my mind.
    Recently I started to simplify our lives by reducing things we have, my clothes, and freeing our living spaces from things. I also promised myself to refrain from buying things for a whole year and just to live with the things we have.
    Slowly I start feeling how the external spaciousness creates more peace and room for imagination inside of us.
    Love from Eva

  9. lovely words + so very true.

    i have slowly turned my focus in the last few years to minimizing stuff + making more space both physically + mentally. letting go of being so driven to accumulate + accomplish. embracing space, enjoying more moments of stillness.

    such freedom i feel because of this!

    thank you for this beautiful post. i needed to read it today.


  10. This collage is simple but powerful, your words are deep and meaningful.
    I've been trying for the last year or so to live with this sentiment - whatever I 'need' will be there in the moment. If I get anxious I soothe myself with this thought!

    Sue x

  11. this is so lovely and so true...something that i can absolutely relate to at this time in my life... thank you for sharing these wonderful words!

  12. Eva, i always decluttered my living spaces, but not until i had my girl did i begin to declutter my mind. it was those mama moments, of her napping, and feeling frantic about them, that got me choosing to shift.

  13. i hope you don't mind me leaving a comment on an older post...
    i clicked on taoism on your sidebar, as it's something i've been reading about and thinking a lot about lately. i recently bought my first copy of Tao te Ching. so much resonates with me, and this particular post of yours resonates with me so much right now. something in me just had to reach out and let you know how much i appreciate this post.