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27 Jul 2010

life, bread, and art

I have a couple of 'deep' discussions to share with you all, but it's either hot, storming, or I'm busy with the in-laws.

We're having a nice time though. popped into Dubrovnik, Croatia, with them yesterday. pizza, ice-cream, and no camera...

I haven't baked in ages, since hot weather makes me steer clear of the oven. but i made some cornbread for guests and discovered that my father-in-law loves the stuff. so have rolled out a few versions of that. as soon as the temp dropped with these storms, i start hankering for baked goods.

So in lieu of some juicy chats, here's a recipe..... I've no idea what makes for an official British scone or American biscuit, but i think this is something like both. it's stems from a brain full of countless similar recipes.

2 cups/250g flour (plain/all purpose) (or almond flour for gluten free)
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2-1 tsp garlic powder
about 80g cold butter, cut into cubes
2 Tbsp of vegetable oil
1 cup/150g grated cheese (sharp/mature flavour is great, like British cheddar. but we don't get that here in Montenegro. i found that i milder but tangy flavoured cheese worked nicely)
1/2 cup/120ml milk (or 1 egg if using almond flour)


Heat your oven 400F/200C

1. mix dry ingredients well
2. add cubes of butter, break down with fork or cool fingers, coarse texture is great
3. add cheese and oil and mix well
4. add milk in bits. you want to add just enough to moisten it and have it all hold together well. if it's sticky it's too wet. don't over mix.
5. drop heaped tablespoons onto a stick proof (okay, completely forgot the right term) cookie sheet type contraption.

bake for 15mins, or until nicely golden.

i milled cracked black pepper on top after dropping onto the sheet. just sounded yummy to me. it worked. herbs or brushed melted butter could be nice too.

now i have no idea what they're supposed to be like, as it's just made up really. but mine are lightly crispy on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside. gorgeous warm... i'll let you know what they're like cooled.

 Some recent collages

oh, and does anyone recognise what fruit this might be? they're a small couple of centimetres. sweet with a tang.


  1. These look great Mon. Looking forward to seeing more of your art. I'm trying to muster up my courage as well. No time like the present...right? -Debbie

  2. Can you please offer up the art for sales AFTER I've selected my piece? Just kidding! You know how proud of you I am right? And not in the "motherly" sense, but in the "way to go" sense. I can't wait for (mainly Ted) to get his eyes on your stuff. It will likely be him that picks up our treasure to take home as he has "the eye". Only a few short weeks and I WILL be stepping over your threshold my dear friend. Can't wait! xoxoxo ps. I know what those fruits are but I'll let others guess :-) pps. Holy fn' biscuits batman!

  3. Oh and you just love to tease don't you? You know I'm dying a little inside wondering what's up with the deep discussions? ;-)

  4. oh jenn! i don't even have varnish yet! lmao... better get cracking...

    thanks debbie, go for it... it's just one life i say.

  5. Empty walls here...let me know when the art comes up for sale. I am serious. I will give you the stink eye, if you don't. ha. And, after Dylan's toddler days, I am well-versed in stink eye...

    I've been baking banana bread today, and thinking, why is my kitchen inside this house? My lovely former cajun step-mom had an outdoor kitchen. A small little housey structure that was all kitchen. Those Louisiana ladies were smart. This heat is unbearable...

  6. I think your fruit could possibly be a greengage - related to a plum. Your recipe sounds yum! got school hols here now, think I might be trying that one out

  7. That recipe sounds so good... I'm going to be trying that soon. The heat has me out of the kitchen for now, but I'm longing to bake again. xx

  8. Ahhhh...biscuits! I have no idea why anyone would buy biscuit mix. Those look phenomenal. As for those lovely fruits, I've been over-dosing on my very own bowl full here in the US. Bought a huge bag of those tart creatures at the farmers' market and believe they are called Mirabelle plums. Check out this recipe from a friend of mine: http://plumtasty.blogspot.com/2010/07/sweet-tart.html