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1 Jun 2010

giger, by taschen

i once worked in a book shop, on and off for a few years.... which basically funded my book purchases... but i got 30% off there! anyway, i worked different sections over the years and i loved my time in the art, self-help, occult, craft, history basement.

one of the best sellers were the taschen books. i loved flicking through these, and own a few. one of my faves is HR Giger portfolio. it's a gorgeous 18 x 23cms (7" x 9"). looks like it's out of print now, and the cover changed from my own 2000 edition.

this gorgeous book has english, german, spanish, japanese translations. there are a smattering of his quotes among the prints.

No. 341, Witches' Dance

"I hate to be superstitious; ....... 
Superstition can encourage chance, 
so that you yourself unconsciously help things happen."

No. 344, Mirror Image

the size makes the prints like posters, but i couldn't rip it apart. and besides, as much as i admire his work, they're not what i want to see on my walls...

No. 274, A. Crowley (The Beast 666)

and because it's so amazing, i thought i would throw this in here... did you know there was a bar designed by him?

as a giger fan, wouldn't this be a fab collection to own?

i enjoy giger not just for his extraordinary Fantastic Realist art, but for his ability to confront his fears through creative expression. and by sharing his art, he asks us to confront our own.


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  1. Oh wow, can you imagine being able to express this kind of art?! What a gift!!