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16 Apr 2010

{boho} books in a boho home

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

you can't be considered boho without a book or journal having a prominent place in your life.

when i was travelling around Australia, i always had one book and one journal. while i still had the car i even lugged around an old-fashioned typewriter. i would sit in the current social circle and share the smoke and type out poems while someone strummed a guitar and others told tales....

in our various houses, books have lived everywhere, in every room... in this small apartment, most have been boxed up, but some have slowly crept out and inhabited crevices and nooks...

now, with a house on the near horizon, i'll have tons of space for books.... and creating...

i love books, not just to read.... i love looking at them, i am inspired by seeing piles and shelves of them. while i will cull from time to time, because i don't want to be tied down to 'stuff' that no longer is of use to me, i'm gonna let myself pile 'em high... they feed my soul...

for the main collection, i don't want just straight shelves, but i do like some organisation.
i would like a bookshelf something like this one... functional but not rows.
i have it designed in my head & hope to get it made up cheaply.

mostly i just like to see books around the house, accessible, to hand, enticing...

And for all you bookwhores, try this ... The Book Seer.

pics via flickr


  1. Monica, this is so well put and magnificently illustrated! The photos are great, I particularly like the spiral staircase lined with books and the stacks of books next to the stack of hatboxes.

  2. i adore books too! fantastic photos!!!

  3. I love books as decor...but only pretty books (I can't live without aesthetics). I love the staircase as a bookshelf! A friend of mine has a shelf that encircles her entire living room, up near the ceiling, where she stores books.

    I don't have enough books out for my liking...I fear clutter, though. I want to have a library so I can load them up to the ceiling like in your fifth picture down. Don't think I'd mind the cluttering so much in a library.

    I've sold a few text books, and one book I really hated, but other than that I've kept every book I've ever acquired. Does that make me a book whore?

  4. "Does that make me a book whore?"

    if i did that though, my mind boggles at how many i would have!

    i too don't like clutter... at least, not overwhelming clutter. and i do have a practical streak, so i wouldn't have books on the stairs... although i LOVE the idea.

  5. So you ARE still a book whore! Awhile back at HM you went through a decluttering/selling off of books and at the time I felt I would never achieve that level of non-attahcment. I DO have my dream library in Utah, no room in California, so I am always transporting books back and forth and making lists of those I want to bring back when we travel there...

  6. lol, i decided that i have a great non-attachment attitude for most aspects of my life, and that some things bring me too much joy to discard. however, what the book decluttering helped me do, was put more value on beautiful, meaningful, and generally worthwhile books, rather than just numbers, you know?

  7. I'm always a little suspicious of people who live in a home with no books.

  8. I love books, but as a boho gypsy they have finally become too impractical for me. I used to lug bags of them around with me every time I moved. Now I have only two shelfloads. I actually threw a whole bunch of them away, last move. It was so sad.

  9. Books are soo comforting, just to have them around even if I'm not reading them is needed for me. They are my friends :)

    We have a long wall with a book shelf that is about 4m by 2.5m, it's shelves entirely filled with books. We have a lot. I don't think you'd like it though because the shelves are in rows. Love that books shelf without rows.

  10. Oh those photos are all so fantastic!! *daydreams about the future and the hope that it holds a house with a library* love! siiigh...

  11. Your photos really are fantastic...very inspiring!

  12. Totally agree books are like little breaths of a new wind and I love them and find parting with them quite a struggle. However they are a storage and dust nightmare - still don't know what to do about this.

    GA = Glossy Accents Monica - love the stuff.

    Off to dream about the staircase filled with books.
    Cherry XXX

  13. I love those photos! Books have a way of making me drool a little. I love seeing them in stacks too.

  14. I adore books :) I am no good at culling though!!

  15. I've been collecting pictures like this too - I'm thrilled by the idea of using books as decoration and design. I adore books and spend way too much money on them... Some are just to stroke and drool over and others avidly read. Some inspire and take me on magical journeys. Lovely post, I've gone all book dreamy now :)

  16. yes, yes, this is brilliant. thank you for sharing. I gotta send this link to my hubby who is the book hoarder in our house, his office could be one of these photos!

    shona cole