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30 Jan 2010

fave bohemian interiors

In two or three months I WILL be in our new house (notice the intention sending?). And I'm yearning for the chance to express my blooming creativity through decor.

After living in rented accommodation, and our previous two houses decorated to sell, I need to make an environment that feels me.

I rediscovered tumblr, and am loving my time there. It's quick painless blogging, or tumblogging, or something. Anyway, my space there is to collect images that inspire me, as well as anything Bohemian, similar to here but more visual, and including pics I wouldn't bother blogging about. I'm keeping that space very Bohemian, as a collection spot of sorts, for others like-minded. I've enjoyed having other tumblr loggers share their inspirations, and have been bombarded with beauty this last week.

Anyway this post is to share with you my home decor style, or glimpses anyway. It's the style I've always had in one way or another.

These are some of my faves from my tumblr spot. I don't necessarily love every element in every pic though. And I dislike too much clutter. Nor could I do fuschia wall colour! Love the pic but living in it would give me a headache.
And let me just preface this by saying that there's nothing amazing here. I'm not looking at interior design, but real living spaces. You can click the pics for larger versions.











More of my bohemian interior picks here.



  1. ooooh...the first and the eighth picture speak most loudly to me...they're a little less cluttered but rich at the same time...

    I'll join in the visualization and have you ensconced in your own space in the next month or so....


  2. Oh yes! I adore these - exactly my kind of thing. And in the pic second from the top there are a couple of Spanish shawls draped over an armchair - I have those exact shawls and they are on my armchairs...
    Gazing at all this eye-candy is a lovely way to kick off my Sunday : )

    May you be able to play in your lovely new home very soon!

  3. sarah, 2nd from top and 2nd from bottom are my faves from these faves. :)

    Nettles - Wow, how funny, same shawls! Love those shawls too. Funny too that being Spanish I have no Spanish shawls.....

  4. I absolutely love the earthy-eclectic feel of this style. Definitely one of my styles (I have many)...I love the rustic, I love the colors, I love how everything is mismatched yet still all goes together. I never felt I could pull this off, though. Don't really have the right space for it, anyway.

  5. i love the warmth. i was just looking around our bare little house today wondering what happened to my plans for a red kitchen and terra living room? i look forward to being able to really add more life to the house as the little one grows. he could really do some damage in these lovely rooms!

  6. That's a really nice interior Clever Pup!

    Amy - my girl is pretty energetic, but she isn't one for pulling things off or opening doors, etc. But there are limits and differences to the decorating I'll be doing in comparison to BC days (before child).

  7. just getting caught up here...gorgeous! i love spaces like this, but can't create them myself, my own spaces tend to be very plain...I joke that it is a Japanese aestehtic, but that is only partially true, really my attention just doesn't naturally go to decorating in this way...but oh how I would love to sit in any of these rooms!